The Silverware Debacle

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Okay, if I don’t write this down I’ll never remember it. It’s too priceless to forget. About 5 years ago I was setting our table to have the family over for Easter lunch the next day. I have 8 place settings of our wedding stainless steel. No huge investment but sentimental value. I noticed we were missing a fork and spoon. I was baffled. Where on earth does the silverware go? Is it like those socks that disappear in the dryer? I’ll give you one guess. My little RADishes had taken them outside to dig in the dirt with them. Fancy that. Of course, it took 2 days before they would ‘fess up. I might have made them eat without silverware for a meal as a consequence. I wasn’t as clever as I am now. Anyway….short story long, a couple of months ago Tim found that same silverware in the compost heap. After all these years he finally stirred that bottom layer around and voila! there it was. I laughed until I cried. For dinner that night I took the mud-encrusted silverware and set it on a napkin at their places at the table. They weren’t too happy, and of course (ahem) I didn’t make them eat with it. What goes around comes around. I believe God has a sense of humor. He made us, didn’t He?

That’s not even the end of the story. I was unloading the dishwasher yesterday while my three youngest kids helped with the outside Christmas lights. (I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving). I started counting my good silverware and guess what? There was a spoon and fork missing. Seriously. When everyone came in I graciously said we were missing some silverware and I would like it returned by tonight, no questions asked. If not, each of my RADishes would have to pay for one piece. We even did cuddle time and I watched their pupils to see if they dilated and whether they disconnected with me. I was deep into psychologist mode. Best part of the story? R comes home and as we are chatting I tell her the story and her eyes get big. Uh, Mom, I took the silverware to work with me and left it there. My good silverware? It’s still there, no big deal. I told her of course I assumed it was S and M so she got to apologize to them after which I also apologized to them. I had never said I thought they did it, I was just allowing them the “opportunity” to come clean if they had. Tomorrow I’m putting a lock on the silverware drawer until Thanksgiving.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Priceless Marty…just priceless!

  2. the yancey's says:

    now that’s funny stuff

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