Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

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So what in the world do the snow pictures have to do with this book? Not a thing! We just got about 8 inches of snow here in NC so I wanted to share the sledding goodness! R’s boyfriend was here with us over the weekend so we had a full house! Lots of family togetherness 🙂

My son Joshua had to read this book for his online English course through Potter’s School. He kept telling me I needed to read this to M and S. I read the book in high school and have read the children’s version to the kids before. But today on a beautiful snow day I finally started it with them. Here’s a review of the story:

The story is about a girl named “Much-Afraid” who lives in the “Valley of Humiliation”. She has a crooked mouth and crooked feet. Though she belongs to the “Fearings” family, she loves the Shepherd with all of her heart and desires to be in His service. She longs to have “hind’s feet” and “leap upon the high places” with Him. (see the Psalms for the quote) He tells her that she may have her request, but first He must place the seed of love in her heart – it looks like a thorn.

Her family has planned for her to marry her cousin, “Craven Fear”, but “Much-Afraid” doesn’t want to and her only way out is to go with the Shepherd.

To reach the High Places, the Shepherd gives “Much-Afraid” two unique companions to help her along the way. They are companions of every Christian who walks the pathway to follow Christ. You must read the book to find out who they are, but be ready for a surprise!

I love this book because it doesn’t gloss over what our lives as Christians are like, the challenges we face, and a Biblical account of how we are to proceed – that following Christ means dying to self to live for Him. This is one of the most beautifully written accounts I have ever read.

Get a copy and read it. It will become one of your most treasured possessions. Then read the sequel, “Mountain of Spices” where “Much-Afraid”, who has been given a new name, returns to the valley to show the love of the Shepherd to her family and friends. (reviewed by an anonymous person on Amazon.com)

M and S were spellbound with the first chapter, which is unusual for them. The chapter tells about Much-Afraid and her being given the seed of Love from the Shepherd. Our therapist tells the kids that their birth parents planted a seed of love in them when they were born but never nurtured it to make it grow. M was in tears after I stopped reading and came over for a hug. He’s realizing how much of his life is determined by his grief. Kelly (therapist) is encouraging him to cut the cord of grief that binds him to his birth parents. He never knew them, and has been with us 10 of his almost 11 years. S, on the other hand, is so much like Much-Afraid. She is incredibly afraid of change and new circumstances, meeting people, opening her heart. I’m just pumped to see how our journey through this book changes them, and me. I am not happy with the way I’m parenting them at the moment. I need to be way more encouraging and way less critical.

I have been struggling with homeschooling for a long time, some days worse than others. Very often my younger two sap the joy of learning out of me. I have to accept that and do the best I can while realizing they are different from my older two and have to be parented and schooled differently. I just live with my expectations and desires, frustrated with how everyone else seems to be doing much better and more exciting things. I am not a person who envies others because of things, but I do struggle with believing that everyone else’s home is happier, more organized and the kids are smarter and have better attitudes. I put a lot of pressure on me that is not from God and I’ve been praying about that a great deal. I try to take one day at a time and let each day dictate for itself what they learn and respond to. If they’re not fun to be around school will not be fun either. Accept it and move on, Marty. Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Never mind, just read the blog entry title and realized there was my answer. You’ll have to excuse me. I have a newborn, a new 12 year old, and 3 other homegrown children that I also homeschool. I’m a little sleep deprived and stressed out. Sometimes I miss the important details.

    Christa in NC

  2. I found your blog through Christine’s (welcometomybrain.net) I’m also a homeschooling mom to six kiddos, two through adoption. One of my adopted kiddos also threatens to steal my joy everyday and take me away from nurturing the learning for the other kids. I find myself becoming incredibly resentful that I spend so much time on the one that doesn’t really WANT to learn. So I’m trying to change that to recapture the joy. Just wanted to let you know that I’m in the trenches with you. I’m not particularly wise, but I’m with you. 🙂 Hang in there and depend on the Lord’s strength.
    Casey in VA
    p.s. Also totally believe in a rest everyday – it is NECESSARY for sanity. 🙂

  3. Amanda Klepper says:

    Hello lady who’s transparent heart is be you to full!
    I was googling for Hinds Feet unit studies and came across your blog. I have been advised to read this book twice now so I shall begin it with my kiddos. Wanted to share the verse God gave me through a friend and then major confirmation that took ALL the pressure off. I supposes we are unschooling which was a bad word to me because of my education background. I call it discovering life daily. At this point it’s very relaxed as The Lord is teaching me how to build relationship for the first time really. The verse is Isaiah 54:13 Your children shall be taught by The Lord and great shall be the peace of your children. My children have had experiences with Abba where He got it from their head to their heart that they belong with Him and that He is their Father. These were a result of me asking in prayer in faith knowing He would do it just not how. Well thanks again for sharing and I look forward to joining your blog. 🙂

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