Friends who get it

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If you’re like me I bet you can count on one hand the number of your friends who really “get” RAD and the implications for your family. I understand why it’s so hard to hear what I’m saying but only see what’s in front of your face. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. That’s why it was such a special treat to spend a few minutes with Corey yesterday. For me, it was really strange agreeing to meet someone I’d only corresponded with via email and blog. But if she was a danger to society I guess that wouldn’t be much different than being at home sometimes! Yet all who “know” her KNOW she is one awesome lady with an incredible spirit of perseverance. Yes, our stories are frighteningly similar and heartbreaking but also different in that now I’m not fighting the battle second by second. Our lives are disconnected from B for now. God has released us from that burden of raising her. That doesn’t mean that at any moment she couldn’t pop into our lives and throw us back into chaos. So we continue to raise her brother and sister and work for healing for them. I looked into Corey’s eyes and saw this beautiful loving woman with such pain you can only know from having lived it. And it made me so sad. It took all of about three seconds to feel like we’ve been friends forever, and I hope that will be the case. Because there aren’t many people who “get it.” I wish I didn’t get it. I wouldn’t change our choice to adopt but I would do things differently. This community of fellow moms who get up each morning with heavy hearts and fear and continue to work the program and pray without ceasing is an amazing group of women. I commend each of you and thank you for understanding and sharing the ups and downs, the secrets and triumphs with the rest of us. As Christine would say, it takes a village to keep a RAD mom from jumping off the roof ( I probably totally screwed that up but you get the idea!)

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  1. I think you nailed it.

    So glad you two got together. Okay, so I was also crazy jealous, but simultaneously glad.

  2. I was jealous too but only for aminute and then I was happy for you both. Some of my dearest friends began as interent friends and now we see one IRL all the time, one moved ot my end of the middle of nowhere so we could garden together.

  3. Tickled pink for both of you. It’s always so great to make a connection with other mom’s who get it.

  4. MomInTheTrench says:

    That is an amazing quote.

    I am so glad that the two of you got together. If I weren’t afraid of your (my) kids, I’d say we should start a commune!

  5. Love you, girl. xoxo

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