The Hospital and Little Things

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Another interruption in our token system and strong sitting was a little accident M had on Friday, Aug. 27th. We have a swing that hangs from a tree by a chain situated 40 feet up. I still don’t exactly know how he did it, but M managed to fall on his wrist off the swing. Tim heard him but M didn’t say anything at first. He finally came in a few minutes later and said he hurt himself. He didn’t come running like normal kids do and start crying and looking for mom. As I put ice on it I had him lie down and think about what his cousin Emma would do (18 months old). We talked through it and I really didn’t think it was a big deal, a sprain maybe. We did eventually decide to take him to the hospital that has a pediatric ER. The wait was short, the nurses great and I realized later we were inquisitioned about the fall. Yeah, it was not a time for RAD to raise its ugly head. M told the truth, they x-rayed it and found a radius fracture in his arm. While we were waiting a baby came in with its’ family and was crying and wailing. The parents couldn’t attend to it because the nurse was examining the child. I told M that’s what it was like for him when he cried as a baby and no one came and made him feel better. A powerful moment for him. I told him everyone deserved to be loved and comforted and I hoped he would learn to let me do that for him. One tear just made its way down his face. So glad for the opportunity to make a connection for him. He got a splint and we were on our way home, with a stop for a milkshake. He loved the attention and it was a bonding moment for us.

As for the strong sitting, it was kinda hard to get up and down with a sling on his arm so we had to modify it. Really felt like the Lord was in this, knowing M probably couldn’t go in the water on our vacation in a week. When we went to the orthopedist the following Mon. he told him he could not get it emerged in water. Major bummed out. I thought it would be an opportunity for M to observe our family playing and being together in activities he couldn’t participate in. We did end up with a plastic sleeve that protected his arm so he could get in the water to a point and play in the sand without getting it in his cast. And yes, it was his right arm, his writing hand.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that there was some bonding for you guys. Glad that he was going making some progress. It would have been better had he been able to come to you and react to him falling. Praying for him that he will be able to let you love him to the fullest.
    Progress is good.

  2. That is awesome you were able to bond with him and get emotion, the good kind. The kind that lets you know you are making a difference. Way to go mom!

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