Happy New Year 2011!

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Everybody has been posting goodbyes to 2010 and welcomes to 2011. So here goes mine.

2010 was a rough year. But so was 2009, 2008, 2007, you get the picture. The last 10 years have had many blessings, but the challenges have been at times overwhelming.

In 2010 we left our church of five years amidst difficulties in the music ministry leadership. Music is our gifting and heart’s joy but those gifts will have to be used at a different place of worship.

S made great progress this year, some steps backwards, but RAD is no longer kicking her butt. She blessed me in one of my most exhausted moments.

I took on Christine’s challenge and lived to tell the tale.

Homeschooling continued to be a challenge, as I imagine it always will with my RADishes. I spent many weeks preparing Joshua’s high school transcript and portfolio while already mourning his graduation next May.

Met Corey in person and made a new friend in Stacey.

M broke his wrist which interrupted our token system he was working under and also meant he couldn’t swim at the beach during our vacation. We managed to have our best vacation in a long time, not perfect, but sweet times to remember.

Revelations from S and M rocked our world but also allowed S to shake off the control M had over her and be freed. M, however, no longer tries to hide the emptiness inside him.

This video and this video ministered to me in low moments.

We had a white Christmas, unbelievable for North Carolina.

As early as March we felt like my mom was living her last days. Yet she did not succumb to death until Christmas Eve. Those were difficult, trying, exhausting months where dementia overtook her mind and her body lost many pounds. The challenge of being responsible for overseeing her care and honoring her taught me many things about myself and presented many lessons for my children.

2011 here I come. I haven’t shared with any one on the blog but I’m headed to Orlando! Corey asked me to be a house mom and I’m going to step way outside my comfort zone and join the party.

I have a mom’s getaway planned in January for some scrappin’ and yappin’ with some of my closest gal pals.

My son will graduate high school and my daughter will most likely be getting married. Big transitions and changes in our home. Not prepared for it but it will come anyway.

I’ve got some health things I have to deal with which make me nervous but I’m trusting God for a good outcome.

We have a new church that we are loving and hoping to become more involved in as time goes by.

Above all else, I’m grateful for the God who loves me unconditionally, the husband who has supported me as I’ve been torn in so many different directions, and for the children that challenge me, encourage me, and make me spend many hours in prayer!

Thank you, blog readers, who comment and share your stories with me and connect me to your blog and your world. This very diverse group of RAD moms is a lifeline for many and I thank you for your honesty and support. Here’s wishing all of us a blessed 2011!

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  1. J. says:

    and I am greatful to you as well, Happy New year. May 2011 bee all that you hope for and so much more.

  2. It sounds as if you and I have very much in common. Coincidence perhaps that you are the house mom of the house I am in???

    Can’t wait to meet you in person!

  3. So sorry to read about your loss. I randomly wandered here from Jeri’s blog at With Love From Sumy and was smiling ear to ear when I read you’ll be in Orlando. See you there!

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