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Today was a long, long day. Got a major migraine in the middle of the night and only got about 3 hours of sleep. Did some school with M and S and then was going to do more wedding plotting and planning with Rachel. Unfortunately, Tim came home not feeling well, with a low temp of 94.1 and pale as a ghost. His customer actually called to see how he was and if I was taking him to the hospital.

Tim had a cold the first of February that developed into a persistent, nonproductive cough. Along about March he ran fevers, mostly at night, for 3-4 weeks. He’s been to the doctor about 5 times, had 2 chest x-rays, an EKG and tons of blood work. All they could find was signs of inflammation but no indications as to where it was in his body.

Today I had had enough. We got to the ER at 1 and left to return home at 7. They did another chest x-ray, an EKG, blood work and a CT scan of his lungs. For quite a while they were telling us it could be a blood clot in his lung. Not good. However, everything showed up clear and we are no further to knowing what in the world is going on. They gave him Prednisone and an inhaler and sent him home. The next step? Wait and see if he gets any better and then find a pulminologist or infectious diseases doctor.

To add to my distress and exhaustion: we were in the same ER where they took my mom three months ago after she was found outside her facility in the cold and by the same family room where the pastor told me she was gone. Tough, tough day.

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  1. So sorry for the difficult day.

    We, too, are being swamped by medical issues (that I just wrote a post about).

    We get to visit the Cardiovascular Center tomorrow for an echocardiogram for my 14 y.o. daughter. Praying that there is nothing serious with a newly discovered heart murmur.

    Hoping that tomorrow is a better day for you, and that the drs can find some answers for Tim.

    Laurel 🙂

  2. wow that does sound like a horrible, no good, very bad day for sure. I’m glad its not blood clots in his lungs but how very frustrating and worrying to not have any answers as to what it is. I hope you get answers soon.

  3. I’m sorry. You guys have had a lot of stress lately. If you can’t get any answers soon regarding your husband go to the Mayo Clinic. They will find out what’s wrong and probably within a few days. They are incredible.

  4. What an awful night. You and your husband are in my prayers.

  5. (((((Marty))))), I’m sorry you guys are going through this. Praying for an answer, and for his healing. (((hugs)))

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