The Eyes Have It

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When Rachel still went to the same church as us one of the Sunday activities she enjoyed was taking pictures all dressed up. She always loved getting her picture taken and taking pictures of others. We don’t do it as much now because we go to a much more casual church and have fallen out of the habit. But S looked so cute yesterday and had on wedges with a little heel so I took a few pictures. Since M has been in such a bad place I didn’t even want to take his but I asked what he wanted to do. He wanted to get his picture taken, or wanted to prove something to me.

It is just so obvious to me now looking through the lens of the camera that S has the spark and M has the emptiness. Separating them from spending any time together quite a while ago made the difference in S attaching. Unfortunately, it also revealed the true darkness of M’s heart.

I do not post these pictures to embarrass my son or glorify my daughter. Through 11 years of parenting my RAD kids I have seen the vivid emptiness in their eyes. There is hope of shifting out of that darkness but it is a personal choice for all our kids. I just know M’s decisions are totally his and his alone. He is choosing to reject all that is good and healthy and filling to his soul.

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  1. It is such long hard journey, may M get there too

  2. We, too, see this in pictures all the time. And … I do take group pics of our 4 young ones quite often. Our Little Miss doesn’t even know how to genuinely smile … her smiles are so very fake. So sad. So hard.

    We, too, talk to our Little Miss (age 9) all the time about the CHOICE she is making to be mad, sad, frustrated, angry, etc… She is CHOOSING to not allow the Holy Spirit to work in her life, and we make it clear to her that God is ready, and able, and willing, and desiring … to heal her heart. But, He has also given her a choice.

    Hoping your week is BLESSED!


  3. even in the picture above (your beach pic) he looks happier. i LOVE seeing S this happy!! she is growing into being a beautiful and strong young woman!! I pray along with you for M, that he will let go and allow God to provide him with everything he is searching for!!

  4. I enjoyed going through some of your old posts on parenting children with trauma. It so helps to know we are not alone. I also see that we live in the same area! We may need to start a support group 🙂


  5. So happy for S, praying for M.

  6. (((Marty))), I know the pain this must cause your heart. Praying for M, that he opens his heart to the love that pours his way, that he lets go of his fear. Praying for all of you.

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