A Day in the Life

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What does homeschooling look like in the course of a day?

Snippets of conversation:

in the car on the way to the dentist: what is research, how do you do it, what resources do you use, what I’m researching now (planning my scrapbook room, gutting and redoing it)

in the waiting room at the dentist’s office: People wedding issue on Prince William’s wedding; who is Prince William, who is Princess Diana, what country are they from, why  don’t we have kings, look at the ridiculous hats (seriously, did you see those hats? could have used one for a coat rack)

at Michael’s Crafts: how much are the baskets, what is 50% off, why do I need to earn the privelege of decorating my room with posters, this would look good for Rachel’s wedding, they have flowers in her colors and they are only….

at the allergy office waiting for my shot: reading Time Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens

watching the men pave the street while we waited at the traffic light: what are they doing, what are they using, look at that bright orange shirt!

reading Anne of Green Gables: glass half full versus glass half empty, onomotopaei, what is subtlety, synopsis of story so far, descriptive writing, vocabulary

watching last week’s primetime on demand (Good Morning America) while eating lunch: is that Osama bin Laden, where is his compound, why didn’t anyone know he was there, how did he live, why did he have so many children

M on the computer playing a game about electronics

chapter of math

reading educational books: you name it, they read it: chemistry, pirates, black holes, Mars, Isaac Newton, alligators and crocodiles,

cooking dinner: M shredding the chicken and watching me make Spanish rice and quesadillas

devotions with dad at dinner: why men don’t stop and ask for directions (well, we didn’t talk about why, but the story was about this particular quirk of men)

chores: take care of pets, breakfast and lunch dishes, scoop cat litter, set table, vacuum carpet, clean up room

going on the library catalogue and reserving books

These conversations were just with my two youngest, not my soon to graduate son or soon to be married daughter. I consider today a light academic day because they did little bookwork and we had the dentist and errands. Yet writing down all the things we discussed (and these are only the ones I remember!) I know my kids are getting a lot of life lessons thrown together with character development and hopefully the desire to learn and make the most of what God has given them. After all, that is my goal for my children. It was a good day.

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  1. I love this and I am so excited about homeschooling Jackson. It is going to be hard to be around his insanity all day looooong every day but I really believe it is going to help him so much and I am so excited to watch his mind open up to new things! Thank you so much for this post. I needed this.

  2. I am thinking about homeschooling Calvin when it is time for grade 7 as the options here suck but I will have to wait and see, I do love al the learning that can go one when they are home though.

  3. I like how you are always talking about things with your kids. My daughter thinks she knows it all. But she really does not. Right now I’m tired of talking to her because she interupts what I’m trying to say all the time or she needs to get the last word. Crazy.

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