What Would They Say?

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I sang for a funeral today. Although I have a degree in vocal performance I don’t sing very often these days. The church we attend doesn’t use a choir and I haven’t taught private voice lessons for a while. I have managed to get my name on the list with a local funeral home when a soloist is needed. It gives me a chance to sing (which I love), to minister with my heart to the family (which makes me feel good), and earn a little bit of cash (which always helps!)

Today at the funeral the minister encouraged the small audience of people gathered to share their memories and reflections on the deceased. No one said a word. Not a single word. I was stunned. Heartbroken. Uncomfortable. A loved one dies and no one has anything to say?

In the quiet of the moment all I could think was what would my family, my friends, say about me? Have I made a difference in their lives or have I lived for myself? Would my family remember my perseverance, my wackiness, my love?

I want to live my life as if today is all I have. Because the truth is no one knows the day or time when life ceases for each of us. Life is a blessing. Every breath we take is a gift from God.

What would you do different if today is the only opportunity you get to say it all, do it all, leave it all?

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  1. Played for the piano for a funeral like that once. Stunned for sure!! Only this family finally did get the courage to get up and say a few words…about what a rotten guy – father – he was, etc… There were like 8 kids and all of them with shattered relationships between themselves and definitely, seriously cut off from the father. TALK about a painful funeral to sit through. The pain on their faces was ghastly.

  2. How sad!

    We are walking through a TOUGH time with broken relationships with our young adult children, and I have wondered, “If I died today, would they even care?” It is a very hard question to even ponder.

    Glad you were able to shine His light through song.


  3. I guess there are people who are so shy to step forward to say a eulogy. But I’d rather hear the kind words, or anything that my friends or relatives will say about me while I’m still alive, while I can still hear (and react, LOL!) and can appreciate it. It’s true that no one knows our tomorrows, only God, so while we’re still alive, we might as well say the things we want to say to our love ones while they can still hear it. God bless you and thanks for sharing this with us. I stumbled upon your blog on Crafty Storage.com. Regards to your family!


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