Deal of the Week

I’m a lot late with this but I still wanted to share my deals!

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and whatever starting on Thanksgiving Day, a bargain hunter like me was on high alert.

I went to CVS on Thanksgiving morning. Yes I did. Even though I’m against stores opening on Thanksgiving I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get over $100 of free merchandise. (And I went before anyone else was out of bed. Turkey in the oven, me saving money. It’s a good thing :-) The circulars were out early enough that week so I could plan a little but I basically took the store circular with me and started picking up free items. The deal is you pay for all the items up front (or like me, use Extra Care Bucks you already have accumulated) . I paid $120 for all the items seen in the picture (click on the pic to enlarge and see all my deals!) and now I also have $105 worth of ECB to spend in the next month. So the actual expense of these items: $15. Here is a good tutorial on how to play the CVS game.

Other drugstores do the same thing but I just haven’t worked myself up to doing more than one store.


  1. I was at CVS Thanksgiving morning, too, but you did better than me. I spent $56 and got all back in rewards. I’m new at it, but it’s fun!

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