School at Home: Doing School When Mama is Sick

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Haven’t done one of these posts lately but I like to update to show curious people what “school” really looks like for us. Keep in mind it looks different most

I spent most of the night fighting nausea, neck pain and a migraine. Not sure why but sometimes I think Satan just throws in stumbling blocks to distract us. Today I was am starting to count calories to get me back on track with my eating. I was also planning on starting the Insanity workout again. Not hard to count the calories because I’m not eating hardly anything but the workout will have to wait another day!

We started back yesterday from more “casual” schooling but this morning since I didn’t feel good I let M and S get their breakfast and we watched a movie on Dietrich Bonhoffer that I had taped years ago and never watched. Great opportunity to discuss vocabulary, history (Nazi Germany), scruples (Bonhoffer’s decision to become a spy and ultimately a martyr), geography, etc. They did chores, corrected math, went over it with me and I taught the next chapter. They fixed their lunch and we watched some of the travel channel on demand of Spain, Morocco, Greece and Romania as well as the Eiffel Tower. This led into geography, more history, art, vocabulary. We NEVER watch TV during the day but these rare moments of me sitting in the recliner and hardly moving produced more discussion and teaching moments than if I was multi-tasking. Nice reminder that learning can happen anywhere at anytime if you have an open mind.

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better!

    Popping in from the Weekly Wrap-Up

  2. Thanks for sharing this for our homeschooling link-up!! Would you mind linking it up on Mama Moments Mondays, too, since that one has more traffic, and I think this will be beneficial for others to read?

    I know I needed to read this today. I haven’t had a migraine in a long time, but had two back-to-back over the past 24 hours–we had a lot of storms come through over the weekend. I felt so guilty because my children wanted to interact with me, but just hearing the sounds of their little heels clicking on the floor sent waves of nausea through my body. Fortunately I felt better as the day progressed, but it can be hard, especially when on school days.

    • I’m so glad my post ministered to you today, and I’m sorry you experienced a migraine. They are life (or at least day) altering at times, aren’t they?

      I did link up to your party today and appreciate your sharing it with me. Blessings to you and your family.

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