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I have gone out of town for two weekends in a row. I’m not sure I’ve ever, ever done that. The scheduling just worked out that way. The first weekend was to Blowing Rock, in the mountains of NC. This is a group of homeschool moms that God brought together and we call ourselves “the bits” (long story having to do with a beach trip). There are seven of us and God connected us one weekend spent at the beach several years ago and we’ve been having fun ever since! We are not all homeschooling now, though, as some have graduated all their kids or are taking advantage of public school. I’ve got the youngest kids still at home so I may win the prize for homeschooling the longest (assuming I survive!). And yes, I know there are only six of us. One of the “bits” couldn’t make it.

This past weekend I went on one of my scrapbooking retreats from Thurs. lunch to Sunday afternoon. We go to a youth camp so it’s nothing fancy but it’s only 45 minutes away for me.  Worst part is lugging all my stuff because I might just need “it”, whatever “it” is! And by the amount of stuff I take there’s a lot of “it”! We go to a Chinese buffet on Thursday night but the rest of the meals are shared so that each of us is only responsible for part of one meal. We all bring snacks/treats and gorge eat ourselves silly for three days straight! We have eight foot tables and can do whatever we’d like: scrapbooking, knitting, puzzles, taxes (seriously? no fun!), weaving, home decor projects. I never get as much done as I think I will but Tim always tells me to “have fun and don’t accomplish anything!” Guess he knows I’m a little bit “A” personality.
One of the ladies making a rag rug. She’s amazing.
The front of the lodge
That’s my mess table in the foreground. I’m a neat freak person.
Except for the floor. Vacuums are a wonderful invention.
 My sweet friend Jane. Former homeschooler, one of the “bits” and avid scrapbooker.
Yes, my shirt says “scrappers are acid free.”
Considering the time I was gone my RADishes have done very well. They were able to do some special things with dad, S spent the night with her cousins and helped with a birthday party, and I talked to them every night. They have come quite a long way in preparing and coping with my absence. Some stutter steps and reentry problems for ME. I’m so glad that my weekends away are no longer necessary for survival but are a way for me to stay connected with friends. None of these moms is walking the same road as I am but their friendship helps rejuvenate my spirit. God is good!
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  1. (((HUGS))))))

    First of all thank you soooo much Marty for your sweet sweet comment –thank you– you are just the sweetest–I posted just for you tonight! 🙂 Reading your words today just made me smile and inspire me so much–thank you 🙂

    My littles are all sick– Miss Sophie just got over walking pneumonia and now she has double ear infections. Poor girl has been on so much medication lately. Brody and Levi both have an ear infection in the right ear –Crazy! And on top of that craziness I have a sinus infection –I just want to disinfect our house 🙂 But anyway it is all okay they have been watching a lot of movies lately 🙂

    I am so glad you got to go away with some girlfriends!!! 🙂 It looks like you all had sooo much fun! so so so happy for you to have that time away 🙂

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