Tips for Regrouping after Vacation

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Ahhhh, vacation.

Or a weekend away with 100 of your best friends.

Not really, but women who have a common bond of parenting wounded children.

Whether you’re transitioning back after a girls weekend or family vacation there are some things you can do to help you (and your family) regroup after vacation.

Give yourself (and your family) a break. Take time to transition back to the craziness by not overloading yourselves with expectations.

Don’t schedule lots of activities on the first couple of days home if at all possible.Β This is also not always doable either but lighten the load if you can.

Spend time just decompressing together. Listen to your family’s adventures and show pictures and talk about yours.

Exercise.Β Hate this one but walking or some easy stretches to get the adrenalin going will help the mood Β and the body.

Put on some music. When you feel like strangling someone crank it up loud! Then you can’t hear the whining and fussing.

Invite a friend over.Β (In this case, my baby great nephew who is my “happy place.”)

Wear comfy clothes that make you happy. I”m currently in oversized, fuzzy on the inside, sweats and my Orlando t-shirt.

Don’t come home barking orders. Yeah, I tend to do that. No reason. My family is completely capable of taking care of themselves and the house.

Give yourself permission to be sad. Getting away from our normal lives pumps us up and heightens our emotions. Coming home can feel empty when we go back to our roles and jobs. It’s okay to feel sad and depleted for a while. Just don’t stay there too long.

Relax. All the laundry and putting away doesn’t have to be done this instant. (Although for me I struggle when things aren’t neat. I don’t deal well with clutter so getting the house and my life back together does make me feel better. I know. I’m a freak.)

Buy this chair. It was in our Graceland house and it was completely amazing.

Treasure the memories, be filled with gratitude for the experience, and start planning now for next year!

(And if all else fails, reach for the chocolate!)

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  1. Hope your time away was amazing! I so want to “plan for next year” with you in Orlando. πŸ™‚

    May your week be BLESSED!


  2. So when is the chair going to be delivered? Hope you enjoy your new chair.

  3. I’m saving the chocolate for a day when I need to be reminded that Orlando will come again.

    Loved getting to visit with you, dear friend. (((hug)))

  4. Marty
    LOOOVE THIS!!!!–I hope your time at Orlando was relaxing and just what you needed!–me and my emotions are so going through all of these listed bullet points looove this!–We came back last Monday and it has been crazzzzy nonstop! —But honestly between you and I we had so much fun it was seriously one of the most memorable times of our lives with just Jeff and I πŸ™‚ love that man πŸ™‚

    ANd my little Levi –well a mess and I mean a cute mess but a mess– acting out all sorts of behaviors everywhere we take him church, school, grocery store –he can’t seem to get his “jive” back–no matter how crazy he acted before we left we would have at least one good day at school a week that has gone out the window—sigh!

    I am so sorry I have not gotten back with you until now–Marty things has been crazy busy we ended up having company ( my parents) all weekend –I feel like my poor kiddos have not had any quality family downtime and we are all desperately needing it. We are taking the kids to Marco Island in two weeks and they can’t wait neither can I !!!! I hope some of the behaviors will calm down by then or maybe the trip will help just to be together in the sunshine πŸ™‚

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your e-mail –you are amazing and I mean that truly you are amazing –I have not had a chance to write you back and I apologize

    I came on here one night and saw the pictures of you and Marty and had tears in my eyes when I looked at the pic of you and him enjoying each other —sooooo sooo precious I can even imagine what that picture means to you πŸ™‚ Can I just tell you it fills me with such hope HUGE HUGE hope thank you sooo much for sharing I’m telling you –you are my angel πŸ™‚ I adore you! πŸ™‚

    Okay Marty I am vegging right now in front on the tv I could be doing a million other things but the house is clean and Jeff is out of town and i just decided I’m going to veg and watch some tv πŸ™‚ love you and your blog I hope you are having a relaxing night πŸ™‚

    ps– I have been reading Jesus calling everyday LOOOOVE it I can’t get enough—loooove it!!!!! πŸ™‚ thank you thank you thank you !!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love this article…and especially the picture!! I will treasure the time I had to bask in your awesomeness!

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