The Advantages of Long hair versus Short Hair

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I posted about the overnight sock bun here. It was all the rage on Pinterest and I loved it. Basically, you take a dress sock (I stole one from my hubby. ‘Cause you know socks disappear anyway 🙂 Cut off the toe and roll the sock up until it resembles a scrunchie. Then you put your hair into a high ponytail, put the sock at the end of the hair and roll up into a bun. Here’s a video that will help with that explanation.
My hair after I’ve rolled it in the sock bun.
Pardon the freaky red tint (my hair is not that red) but here it is after I take it down from the sock bun.
And here’s my hair once I’ve finger combed it. I still love the ease and curl of this hairstyle.
But I do have another easy way to get even more curls. I wrote about it here. Sponge rollers. Who knew I would go back to that after so many years!?

I have had long hair for the majority of my life. When I get bored and unhappy with my looks I’ll go radical and have 8-10 inches cut off. Everyone tells me I look ten years younger and I’m happy. Then I proceed to grow it out again!

Honestly, long hair is easier for me. It takes less time. I can throw it in a ponytail and go or use the sponge rollers or sock bun and have as much curl as I want. My last hairdresser said she wouldn’t cut it for me because she loved my hair.
The pic on the right was recently taken by my niece Jennifer who is beginning her photography business. There will definitely be more to come from her! The pic on the left is from at least 6-7 years ago. (And yes, I’ve gone lighter and more auburn as I’ve aged.)
So, which do you like from the pics above? Long hair or short hair? What do YOU do when you’re bored and unhappy with your hair?
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  1. Long hair is not easier for me. My hair is very thick and if I have it long, it takes longer to comb it out. My hair knots easily and if it is dry, it knots.

    It also overpowers my face and when it is too long or I need a haircut, I literally get headaches when I put it up.

    I got my hair re layered and thinned out last week…what a difference. Had 2 inches cut off the ends so the longest layer touches the top of my shoulder blades.

  2. your hair looks pretty red in these pictures 🙂

  3. Like you, I’ve had long hair most of my life & honestly, I love it. Every 10 years or so I’ll get frustrated with it & chop it off to my shoulders (once I was really irritated & went to chin length!) I always end up regretting it within days. It may be easier to fix at first, but as I grow it back out & it’s at the weird in between stage, it just looks goofy & I end up wishing I’d never cut it.

    Like you, I yank it up into a ponytail when I need to do a quick fix or I can style it with it down if I want to. It’s easier for me to fix when it’s long, but probably just because I am so much more used to it at that length & know a million ways to fix it.

    You look great either way!

  4. Love the header pic, and love you. I prefer it long on you, but you look great either way.

  5. I’m so jealous that your hair holds a curl! Mine is stick-straight.
    I used to keep my hair really long, but that’s really uncomfortable for me so I like to keep it just below my shoulders.

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