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Last Saturday I initiated a newbie into my yard sale fraternity. My niece Jennifer (who took the lovely blog photos of me and also did my blog header) wanted to go out yardsaling with me. Yes! A new convert!
I could have gone home happy after the very first sale. Look at these chairs. Aren’t you jealous?
I don’t usually buy things if I don’t know where I would put them, but these chairs had my name on them. They were marked $10 each but I took them home for $6 each. That was the magic price.

I was hoping hubby would like them on the deck or by our fire pit. I even liked the fabric, so bright and cheery looking. The wrought iron was in perfect shape.
Tim is never overly excited about anything I buy, but he came around to the purchase and sprayed a waterproofing fabric guard on the cushions to protect them. We’ll see how they do exposed to the weather. If there is a problem I can always use a different material.
My only regret? There was some matching fabric and I didn’t pick it up. I could have easily used it for a table runner or centerpiece accent. Shoot! Why I don’t I think of these things in the moment?
Here are the chairs in a corner of our deck. Lovin’ it!
The worst thing that happened on our yard sale expedition?The very last sale we went to was very weird. It was as if the owners had just walked out of the house and left everything there. It was a wee bit of a hoarder looking property (messy, food in all sorts of places, very unclean). We were told to look in closets and cabinets, that it was all for sale. I finally asked one of the women in charge about it and she said there had been a death in the family. Children’s toys, messy beds, medicine in cabinets, clothes in drawers, half opened food.  It was just strange. Anyway, Jen and I both picked up a few items, one of which was a small tub of napkin rings. I paid for all of it but somehow managed to leave behind the napkin rings. I was not happy when I realized it after I got home. (There were some cute ones in there!) Note to self: don’t get distracted by all the stuff. Make sure you take home what you pay for!
What was your “deal of the week?”


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  1. Great deal on the chairs! Try to think of it as oh well about the rings, if there was a death then consider it a funeral donation. They may have needed it. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.

  2. Those are really nice chairs and you paid a bargain price! I went to an estate sale like that, it was kind of sad and creepy at the same time.

  3. I’ve done that before, paid for something and left it behind. Sometimes there is so much chaos that it’s easy to get distracted. Love the chairs!

  4. Cute chairs. I love the fabric.

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