Hot Summer Days

Disclaimer: these pics were all shot with my Canon Rebel by my niece Jennifer. Please go visit her at JlyDesigns. She’s a very talented photographer/designer just getting started. She has a great eye and is committed to learning about all the latest techniques and information available. (You might also see a couple of pics of me on her website :-)

Do you not just love that face? My great nephew Will just makes my heart flutter. I’m thinking it’s because my oldest son went to college shortly after Will was born. Can’t replace my Joshua, but I sure do like to love on Will!
We spent a day in early July at the local splash pad (free entertainment on a sizzling hot day). The next two pics are of my great nieces, Emma and Madison. They are lively, sweet, fun and lovable little girls. Maybe I like loving on them because my oldest daughter got married last October. Shoot. Tell everybody to stop leaving me.

Next up is my adopted daughter S. She is 14 and growing into such a wonderful young lady. She continues to surprise me with her compassion and strength.

 I love that all the cousins get to hang out together. Such a wide variety of ages yet they all had fun. One day they will be able to recognize and cherish these memories.

My adopted son M, the baby of the family, is 13. He is striving to become a young man, putting behind his early wounds and traumas. He keeps me on my toes but is worth every investment of time, energy and heart.

 If you like the photos please visit my nieces facebook page and encourage her. She’s a mom of three little ones and could use some kind words!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Fun fun fun!!!!

  2. looks like everyon is having a great time at the splash pad

  3. Love the pictures- looks like a blast. Stumbled upon your blog through the Sunday Snapshot link- so glad I found it. We have 2 adopted sons from far east Russia who struggle with RAD. Glad to know we are not alone in the struggle to show them they are loved, cherished, and wanted!!!

  4. Summertime fun splashing in the water…lots of smiles!

  5. What fun photos of a fun place!!

  6. these are so cute, looks like a blast!!

  7. Splash pads are always such fun for the kids! A great place to take pictures too!

    Jamie @

  8. What great shots; looks like the kids has a blast! I’ll have to check out your niece’s site :o)

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