Deal of the Week: Thrift Store Bargains

I haven’t posted any of my frugal deals of the week lately. Yard sale shopping has been hit or miss, but I have found a few fun things. I did, however, discover that a thrift store in our town had all their items half off on the last Wednesday of the month. We ventured out into the madness. What was I thinking? It was a madhouse! Luckily the aisles are spread a good distance apart. I had my youngest two with me, and they had instructions for the items they were to peruse for the coming fall/winter. They were a little stressed out and needed to be guided through with directions: you have to look through tons of clothes to find the size and style you want; be persistent; and if employees bring out new items high tail it over there!

Best deal for me? The boots below were retail $8 and I got them for $4. Previously I had a pair of black boots that were given to me and I wore the heel off of them! I was tickled to get these (I’m a round toed kinda gal) with a chunky heel.

The rest of our deals:

Cute pair of flats for daughter $1

Pair of jeans for daughter $$1.75

Pair of jeans for me $$2.25

Dress pants for college son’s work: $2.75

2 Pairs dress pants for son $ $4

Pair of khakis for husband $$2.75

Total: $18.50 plus tax!


  1. You found some great deals! Love the boots!

  2. These are great, and what a fantabulous price!

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