I’m Still Alive!

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I’m alive! I’m alive! I feel like I should be doing the zombie walk. I finally made the plunge to wordpress this week! (Ummm, yeah. It’s been on my to do list for months). After the initial shock and fear wore off…..okay, I’m still in shock and fear! There is definitely a learning curve here! It’s like looking at a foreign language. Nothing very familiar or reassuring. But I can do this. I can. (Insert pep talk). Thank goodness for the internet and tutorials.

If you have a second let me know what you think of the new layout, header and new stuff! I’m not there yet. Lots of tweaking to do and adding some things, but I’m excited to make the jump to the “big kids” table! (Did y’all have that at family gatherings at your house? The little kid table and the big kids table?) I have lots of drafts roaming around in my head so when I come up for air I’ll be sharing lots of new things here on the old blog. Hope you’ll stay around!

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  1. Please tell . . .

    what made you take the big jump?

    what are the benefits to having a wordpress blog?

    what “new language” does wordpress speak?

    Laurel 🙂

    • Laurel, I want to give it a go working towards making a bit of money in the future. When you have a blogger blog google owns your blog in essence. They could shut you down at any point. With wp I pay a hosting company to “store” my blog but all the rights to it are mine. I did pay someone to do the transfer because that part scared me to death. Learning and maneuvering around wp is up to me. Everything looks different in terms of where everything goes and how you get your information into the program. It’s supposed to be amazingly wonderful, but I’m not quite there yet!

  2. I will definitely check it out…I have one but when I keep the comments open I end up with thousands of spam comments. The first week open I had 125,000 spam…you read right. My SIL deleted them all vey quickly but they just kept coming back day after day. So I had to disable my comments…and well, that is boring. So I’ve stayed at blogspot until SIL can figure out what is going on LOL.

    • Connie, I haven’t had much problem with spam yet but it will take a bit to get back to the stats I had before. More traffic, more spam. See my comment to Laurel below on why I switched to wp.

  3. Hi Marty~
    Just stopping by to take a look at the posts on your sidebar. Glad that worked out! It looks great!

    To get rid of spam, all you have to do is activate the plugin called Askimet. It comes pre-installed on WordPress. Just activate, follow the instructions to get the activation key, and spam will be a thing of the past! 🙂

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