Christmas Village Display Ideas

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I’ve been so busy experiencing the Christmas season that I have several posts to share that will NOT get done before Christmas Day! But that’s okay. Family and friends and living life together are more important! (I have shared my rustic centerpiece, my scrap wood Christmas tree and our solution to decorating without a mantel?)

I did want to give you a glimpse at my Christmas village that started a few years ago with half a dozen houses from an after Christmas sale and has turned into a lovely display to greet visitors as they come in our front door.

Welcome to Dickensville, our little Christmas village!

This village belongs to me, but I have little input as to how it’s set up.

This year my youngest two children and their dad put it together to surprise me!

I did kinda missed all the bickering about who goes where and why.

I just love looking at all the people and wondering about their busy lives.

Do you little people go to church?

You should because I know it’s beautifully decorated and full of the Christmas spirit.

My little village at night fills me with imaginative stories and questions.

Who lives in this house with the turret?

Is it as beautifully decorated inside?

Look at the Christmas carolers in front of the library!

I love the library.

I confess.

I’m a book nerd.

Don’t you want to just go in and visit?

Is everyone sitting around drinking Russian Tea?

The house on the hill.

My favorite.

Such a busy little town.

We must have flowers for Christmas!

My sweet little town of Dickensville.

A carriage ride through the center of town.

What better way to end the day?

Won’t you come back and visit us soon?


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  1. Stumbled on this posting…we must be distantly related. I LOVE my Christmas Village. My daughters, grown now, have mixed feelings about it. The youngest rearranges all the people, because, in her words, “you put them in the middle of the street”. My village started in 1989. My first building was a gift from my then-soon-to-be-husband. I divorced him in 1996, but the village has continued to grow. Everything building, fixture, character that I purchase has a symbolic meaning. The yellow house, like Grandma’s. The red duplex, like my sister’s. Enjoy your village for years to come!

    • Hi, Penny. I’m so glad you discovered my blog and my story about my Christmas village. This year I’m going to do a how to and more info on how process but that’s a little bit aways! Thank you for sharing about your village and the special memories it has for you. How precious!

  2. This is a lovely Christmas blog and some fabulous photos. I’ve recently launched a website dedicated to Christmas Village Displays, with lots of pages about how to make trees and model accessories, printable houses, etc. – all to help keep the costs down. I hope you like it.

  3. Beautiful display! Would you mind sharing which pieces you have? Dept 56 or Lemax?

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