Mandisa “Overcomer:” Simple Gift Sunday

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 Mandisa Overcomer Song and Devotion

I always know when I hear the same song more than once in a day, or read the same scripture at different times, that is God is drawing me to Himself.

As a mom to five children, three adopted and two biological, I have always parented with an eye towards adulthood. 

Even while our children were babies Tim and I were preparing ourselves as parents and desiring relationships down the road that can only come through an investment of time, energy, priority and faith.

With my now adult children I can see firsthand that staying home, homeschooling and having heart to heart conversations every day has made a difference in their lives.

As their younger brother and sister now struggle with the normal insecurities and doubts of this stage in life, the expressions of their angst is multiplied tenfold.

Deep wounds strangle their hearts some days and threaten to drown us all with questions we cannot answer for them.

 Mandisa Overcomer Song and Devotion

I kept hearing the song “Overcomer” and knew it was a reminder that I’m “an overcomer. Stay in the fight ’til the final round. I’m not going under ’cause God is holding me right now.”

What battle are you facing that leaves you feeling alone and overwhelmed? 

I hope you will remember and claim this verse. John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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Staring at a stop sign
Watching people drive by
T Mac on the radio
Got so much on your mind
Nothing’s really going right
Looking for a ray of hope

Whatever it is you may be going through
I know He’s not gonna let it get the best of you

You’re an overcomer
Stay in the fight ‘til the final round
You’re not going under
‘Cause God is holding you right now
You might be down for a moment
Feeling like it’s hopeless
That’s when He reminds You
That you’re an overcomer
You’re an overcomer

Everybody’s been down
Hit the bottom, hit the ground
Oh, you’re not alone
Just take a breath, don’t forget
Hang on to His promises
He wants You to know

The same Man, the Great I am
The one who overcame death
Is living inside of You
So just hold tight, fix your eyes
On the one who holds your life
There’s nothing He can’t do
He’s telling You

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  1. I LOVE THAT SONG! Great reminder! Love ya sweet friend! Hugs!!

  2. I really enjoy your blog…Such a wonderful song and post. I needed to be reminded, today . Thank you for sharing…..

  3. Not getting to see our youngest son or grandkids from him due to his wife’s hatred of me. She cheated on my son a few years ago, the same summer before we found out our grandson had stage 4 cancer. It was finally found about a week before his 14th. b/d. My son works in Singapore a lot and just a couple weeks in Grand Junction then he has to go back to Singapore or somewhere in US to straighten our messes.
    We are not rich seniors, we struggle all the time. DIl hates it that we don’t have money, she makes it plain she looks down on us. Her Mother is same way.
    When grandson was in Denver Childrens hospital we weren’t allowed to go see him or even when he came home. We have no way of knowing what he think about why we weren’t there.
    I am happy to say Grandson is cancer free, he played football for G.J. high school his junior and senior years. He’ll be 20 in Nov. He and I were communicating in his senior year thru his Facebook page but his Mother found out, sent me 2 nasty letters about talking to him. He had asked me why we didn’t come around to their house. I was told by his Mother I was not welcome at their house. She was very angry when she found out I knew she’d cheated on my son, told me it was none of my business. Excuse me? It was all over town. She cheated with guy she worked at a mtg. co. in G.J. I heard about thru the mtg. co. that we got our mtg. thru. G.J. is a small town when it comes to things like that. I never told my son I knew. He was going to divorce her but then they found out about their son and he backed off. I don’t get to see or hear from my son now. If anybody in their house does something she doesn’t like she makes life miserable for them til they do what she wants. My son told his sister about it. She feels very entitled to a great deal in life. My son told me that.
    Ok it’s a long story so I’ll end it here. I am heart broken about not getting to see grandkids or son. Who knows what will happen, I’m getting older and don’t want to die without seeing them. I have health problems they don’t know anything about. I won’t tell them, even our daughter that lives close doesn’t know. I was blamed for something that happened 3 years ago, I didnt’ do it but the person that did won’t admit it, he’s afraid of what will happen if our daughter finds out. He was drunk the day it happened.
    I certainly applaud you for the parents you and your hubs are. Wish I could have been a better Mother.

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