Tim Hughes “Nothing In This World: “Simple Gift Sunday”

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Tim Hughes Nothing in This World devotion

Just to be transparent, this has been an incredibly difficult week.

Blame it on hormones (my kids’ not mine).

Blame it on homeschooling drudgery (and we’re only a month into the new year).

Blame it on transitions after leaving a church ministry and jumping back into a former church.

Blame it on difficult teen years.

Maybe it was the full moon. 

I really don’t know why. I just know it was hard.

Lest anyone reads this blog and thinks I have it all together, I don’t.

Our family has cracks in it. Just like yours does.

So let’s join together and encourage each other. Hold each other’s hands through the long nights asking God for direction.

And oh how i need i need you jesus i need you  you are the one that satistifes

If you don’t know our story you can read about our adoption here and here or under the family tab at the top.

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Nothing in this world
no treasure man could buy
could take the place of drawing near to you
theres nothing i want more
than to spend my days with you
dwelling in your secret place of praise

and oh how i need i need you
jesus i need you 
you are the one that satistifes
you are the one that satisfies

so place within my heart
a fire that burns for you
that waters cannot quench nor wash away
and let that fire blaze 
through all eternity
where one day i shall see you face to face 

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  1. Sending peaceful, loving thoughts your way.

  2. Janet says:

    I’ve felt your pain. Though my two were born to me, both have been difficult. One has autism, one bipolar disorder who’s decided she’s a pagan. And proudly proclaims it. Praying for a better week ahead/

    • Marty Walden says:

      Janet, I’m so sorry that you’ve also walked this path of pain with a child. There’s a link I listed on my fb page (https://www.facebook.com/MartysMusings) that has a sermon on Spiritual Depression that is absolutely phenomenal. I needed that yesterday. Blessings, Marty.

  3. Press into Him who is more than able to meet our needs exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever imagine. We are the clay in the Potters Hand. Lord we ask for grace and strength to help us to endure the shaping, molding, and breaking that comes as your gentle hands move us in the process of our journey that begins and ends with “your will be done”.-amen

    • Marty Walden says:

      Thank you, Aimee, for your encouragement through scripture. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Have a blessed day!

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