Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains

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Top Ten Yard Sale Bargains to save money - Marty's Musings 

I’ve been showing off sharing some of my yard sale bargains from last Saturday on Instagram and Facebook and generating lots of conversations about how and where I shop for such great deals.

Stay local and save gas

I try to stay within 10 miles or less of my home to save on gas and group all the sales together as I plan. Plus, if I find a great deal and need to drop it back by the house I’m close!

I also plan out my route the night before. I use my local newspaper, Craigslist (under garage sales) and an app on my iPhone called Yard Sale Treasure Map and group according to location.

Time is money

I actually use a strange combination of speed shopping and rummaging. As soon as I park the van I’m out the door, scanning over the sale for large items before quickly rummaging through the boxes and tables.

Yardsaling for me is generally not a social activity,(unless it means hanging out with my best gal pals.)

Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains - Marty's Musings

It can be considered a learning experience for my kids, but I am a woman on a mission each Saturday!

Since I know there have been a ton of posts written on how to hold a yard sale (and I’d rather go to them than have one of my own!) I thought I’d give you a top 10 yard sale bargains list.

Here are my favorite things to keep an eye on each week (in no particular order).

Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains

Furniture – Make sure that your selection is well made or able to be painted, distressed or upcycled. Think outside the box. This changing table is now on my deck. (Deck reveal coming soon!)

Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains - Marty's Musings

Home Decor – garage and yard sales contain priceless treasures. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I love buying lamps, pictures, frames, candle holders and knick knacks at a fraction of the cost new.

Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains - Marty's Musings 

Electronics – You can find some great deals in this area but know what you need and whether it’s compatible with newer computers and gaming systems.

Baby Items – This includes furniture, clothes, supplies and anything else you might need. Price merchandise before you go so you will know if the item is a bargain or exactly what you’re looking for. Since I have a grandbaby on the way I can’t wait to start collecting all the necessary “stuff” a baby needs!

Toys – It seems like almost every sale has a wide variety of toys. Just make sure all the parts are in working condition and age appropriate to the child you’re buying for.

Clothes – Great deals can be found on clothing but keep a list of sizes, preferences and styles. Always check to see if buttons, zippers and elastic work and make sure the pieces are stain free.

Seasonal Items – Yard sales are great places to stock up on Christmas and holiday decorations. (I got a set of four outdoor cushions for $8 that were practically new and hard to find out of season.)

 Top 10 Yard Sale Bargains - Marty's Musings

Books – as a homeschooler I buy a lot of used reading books, text books and games to supplement our curriculum each year. I also love using vintage or castoff books in my home decor.

Kitchen Products, Bakeware and Dishes – Since mix and match is in style collect dishes of all kinds and combine vintage and new without hesitating! This tablescape features a beautiful vintage tablecloth and yard sale vases.

Gifts – Are you in the season of life where you need lots of wedding, graduation or baby gifts? Often times you can find brand new, still in the box, presents for just pennies on the dollar. 

Just a few more tips:  It’s helpful to have an idea of the retail prices so you can know if what you’re paying for is really a bargain. Set your price limit ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to overspend.

Keep a wish list of items you’re interested in and even paint chips if you’re trying to match colors.

Now go shopping and save some money!

Here are more tips to help you distinguish between trash and treasure!

Yard Sale Tips: Trash or Treasure? from Marty's Musings

Do you like to yard sale? I’d love for you to share your favorite tips and amazing purchases!

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  1. Great advice!! I’m with you that yard sale day is not a social day. It’s all business. My poor husband doesn’t dare make a comment or suggestion.

  2. I find many great things at yard sales!

  3. Nirmala says:

    Good tips, I love going around looking for garage sales during weekend I have found so much of Christmas decorations & lights at yard sales. They are much much cheaper than buying in store. I have also found lots of toys & craft stuff. Though I have bought lot of stuff at yard sales, I usually don’t like to buy clothes. I also found great plants from a good gardener, the tomato plants I bought were better than nursery plants!

    • Hi, Nirmala. I do like buying clothes at yard sales because if they don’t fit it’s usually only $1 I’ve wasted! Congrats for finding plants! That’s amazing!

  4. Lorelei E says:

    I’ve gotten my 9 year old hooked! It’s our weekly summer outing. Last year when we found out I was expecting, we happened upon one on the way home during our weekly haul. It was the last day of the sale, about an hour left, and the woman was selling two buffet tables stacked and lined to the seams of baby clothes. After small chit chat, I asked her how much she wanted for all clothes. $20 later, packed up Explorer with baby clothes through age 4T, doll beds, and some Rubbermaid bins. I will never go on first day. The last day, people are just wanting to get rid of items so they don’t have to store, or take time to go and donate!

    • I love that story, Lorelei! You are definitely right that people “usually” want to get rid of it bargain cheap at the end, but sometimes they’ll be stubborn and rather give it away than take less. You can save so much money and I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Marty, you may call it stubborn, but it’s more generous to give it away than sell it.

  6. Garage sales can be such a huge help for keeping the budget down… if self control is used. 🙂 It’s like a big treasure hunt… but it is also work. They are a big blessing.

  7. When I go thrifting, garage saling, or to a swap meet, I always go with a list of things I REALLY need. Specific articles of clothing – who they’re for (son, daughter, hubby) & size (I usually like to have some of the next size up laying in wait for my kids for when they start to outgrow what is in their closet & drawers so there isn’t quite so much pressure to redo an entire wardrobe in one feld swoop post growth spurt). But if I need some patio furniture, or another piece of furniture for a specific purpose, it helps me to have written it on a list before I leave so that I can focus better when I’m out and about. This might be just me as I am easily distracted by cool stuff that I wouldn’t ever be able to make use of otherwise…

  8. i agree – would much rather visit a yard sale then have my own. that changing table is lovely, can’t wait to see what you transformed it into! When you share that post, if you remember, stop by and link to our creative challenge upcycle party – it’s month long and posts every friday! Thanks for partying with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  9. I love garage sales and these are some great tips! I really love buying baby items because we use many of them for such a short time that I just hate to pay full price!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I never ever paid full price for baby things and my daughter doesn’t either unless she absolutely has to. There’s just no need! Have a great weekend!

  10. I love yard sales! You never know what you might find. Most of mine in my area are in May, but a church in town always has a huge one. I am looking forward to going. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday Link Up!

  11. Great post! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece to our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

  12. I love yard sales, the ones near me are usually multi family which are awesome. If I am looking for toys or electronics I generally bring four of each size batteries with me just to test out the product to see if they really do work. I have had problems in the past with taking people at word that certain things work so I try to be prepared. I’ve told my friends this and they have also found this helpful.

    • Hi, Nicole. That is such a great idea to take batteries with you. My husband always makes me plug things in or have the seller show me it works. If it’s a $1 or so I really don’t worry about it but your idea is a great one!

  13. Patricia says:

    I love going to and having them!lol
    I’m an in and out gal. Scan for any furniture I maybe wanting, or can flip.
    Then straight to the jewellery, buy anything I think is gold or silver, or anything I can take apart and use in my jewellery making designs, mostly good beads.
    Next I look for button boxes and sewing notions and patterns, fabric, etc, even a sewing machine may be purchased, if I don’t already have it!lol
    Vintage anything I can flip!
    Then I look for things for the home!
    This can all be done in 5 minutes or less!
    When I lived in a city, I could do a couple hundred sales in about 4 hours, emptying the truck or van at least once!lol
    I work on smalls mostly now, so no need to unload, usually!!lol
    I live in Cottage country now so I’m looking for old rustic antiques and decor, still do the jewellery thing, as I usually cash in gold and silver every couple years for the cash scrap weight of it! There is money to be made, if you put your mind to it!lol
    Happy Sale’n

    • Wow, Patricia. You are amazing! You definitely have yardsaling down to an art form. We recently sold my minivan and now I have a small jeep. I have to stick to what I can fit in there! Let me know if you find anything great in the coming weeks!

  14. Juana Andujo says:

    Garage sales, resale shops, and everything in between. 99.1% of my clothes are garage sale finds. My wardrobe is awesome and I have shoes galore. Most of which are brand names and I bought at next to nothing. My house decor is also GS finds and I am very proud.

    • Hi Juana, I need to see your shoe collection! I have a harder time finding shoes for some reason even though I’m a size 8. It seems to be hit or miss for me. I love the satisfaction of dressing well without spending hardly any money. I think it’s a blessing and a gift. Great job!

  15. When I down sized and needed to get rid of about 75% of my belongings…literally, at my first big garage sale u grouped things in boxes or big shopping bags. My ultimate goal.was not to make mone, but to get rid of stuff, and get some cash too. So in each box or bag I had 1 high quality thing and a few cheaper things. Ie: a lamp, a couple of books, deck of cards $5; in another, I had a high end neck massager, 2 pricks of good silk flowers, 3 tupperware $10; my whole box of misc resisting $7.50; etc….. Only one person complained “what if I just want a deck of cards?” I said go to Walgreens! 🙂 . Bit I got rid of Everything! And made a few hundred dollars!

  16. Love your tips, and I do use many of them already, too! I enjoy finding community or city-wide sales. Most times these are advertised in the local paper before the event. Military bases have them, usually twice a year, and military folks move a lot and buy new stuff with each move so you can find incredible newer furniture and ‘stuff’ for very cheap! I take a list of my kids (i have 6!) current sizes in shoes and clothing, and while I’m shopping I think ahead to the next season and can usually guess about what size they’ll be then. This is especially important to do in the fall, when sales are declining due to the outside temperatures. Thanks for your tips, hope mine was useful too!

    • Hi, Tonya! Love your yard sale tips! You and I think a lot alike. I have 5 kids (youngest is 17) so I understand how important it is to know sizes and be organized. You’re doing a great job! Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll stick around for more of my thrifty finds and tips. Have a blessed day!

      • I’m having my first yard sale next weekend. I enjoyed your post. Now I’ll know how to group items in my displays. I have 3 kids (5 years, 2 years and 1 year). We are overloaded in baby clothes. I have a good amount of boutique brands, some never worn with tags. Am I thinking realistically if I want at least $5 for those? should I price them for what I want or add a few dollars for hagglers? I look forward to hearing your opinion! Thank you!

  17. Judy Kay Deal says:

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    • Hi, Judy. I totally understand about the ads, but unfortunately, that’s one way I can provide my content free to all my readers. I spend countless hours at my full-time blogging job and ads provide part of the income necessary to even begin to pay the expenses associated with owning my piece of the internet. If you right click on any picture you then have the option to save the image and print from there. You shouldn’t have to copy the recipe because each recipe has a print feature that you should be able to use which would only be one or two pages depending on the length of the recipe. If you have any other questions about a particular recipe feel free to contact me again.

      As far as unsubscribing, at the bottom of every email you receive from me there is the option to unsubscribe and you can click from there. Thanks.

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