Painting Ideas with Behr Paint Colors

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How to use Bright Paint Colors in Your Home - Marty's Musings

23 years ago we moved into the only home we’ve ever owned.  At the time we were sick of boring cream or white walls in apartments and rental houses.

One thing you probably know about me if you’ve followed our DIY journey very long…I LOVE COLOR!

Actually, I do really love the way others use white as a backdrop for all things serene and tranquil.

Apparently I don’t like serene and tranquil (with five kids that probably goes without saying!)

I’ve never been a pastel kinda gal and you can usually tell that in my clothing choices.

When we claimed this home as our own we might have gone just a little bit color crazy. And obviously I’m still leaning a wee bit in that direction!

My DIY hubby is a painting contractor who always recommends BEHR paint. Since I have new readers I thought I’d share some painting ideas with Behr Paint colors and why I chose them.

Let’s start with the front door. I wanted a splash of color on our house. Tim talked me out of red since two of our neighbors had a red door, but I fell in love with this bright coral. 

Behr Exterior House Paint - Marty's Musings

I don’t regret making a bright statement one little bit.

Front door: Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint, Japanese Kimono

When you walk into our kitchen you are once again surrounded by happy colors!

Tim said when he started painting this room he felt more unsure about the color than in any other job. Oh boy. That’s a lot of pressure!

Aqua and Yellow DIY Kitchen from Marty's Musings

Guess what? I love it! Since I spend a lot of time in this room I’m so glad it cheers me up! The aqua accents and all the DIY projects speak to my heart.

It’s not fancy but it’s where our family gathers and makes memories around the table.

Kitchen: Behr Ultra Premium Plus Eggshell Enamel in Duron color 7242W Yellow Begonia

 We have a step down into our den (the back of our home was added onto) where brown walls are used as a more neutral color.

Guess what? There’s more color here! I’m a huge fan of red personally, but I’ve never been brave enough to actually buy red furniture. We decided to be brave and just go for it when we found the furniture on sale.

This is the room where my blog gets written (here are a few hints of the office makeover I’m working on), homeschool materials stored, television watched and family games played.

Den Decorating Ideas - Marty's Musings

Den: Behr Interior Satin Enamel Paint and Primer (brand) in Sherwin Williams #6095 Toasty (color) 

Are you getting the idea that I like color? Well, hold onto your hats ’cause the craft room is a doozy!

For the room where I create and imagine and work I wanted an accent wall color that was different and creative and BOLD!

Perpetual Purple was the answer!

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas - Marty's Musings

While Tim was painting the wall I was thinking I’d lost my mind with the purple and it was going to glow in the dark and swallow me up (insert every childhood fear here!) But you know what? No regrets here!

Craft room accent wall: Behr Marquee Interior Eggshell Enamel Perpetual Purple 

Our master bedroom is undergoing  a DIY budget transformation beginning with the paint color.

New Paint Color for Bedroom - Marty's Musings

I am so very, very close to revealing the finished product. Most of the other rooms I’ve shared on the blog have been revealed project by project. 

Not this baby! This makeover has my blood, sweat and tears all over it and I want to show you the drastic change all at once!

You won’t believe how the room was transformed when we painted the furniture (and yes, I learned how to chalk paint on this project!) and moved things around! You know how I said I like things serene and tranquil? I’m finally actually doing that in our bedroom which makes me feel like I finally have a grownup room.

Master bedroom: BEHR Premium Plus Ultra, Interior Eggshell Enamel, Pewter  Mug 770E-3.

When our oldest daughter got married her younger sister took over her room. I’ve never showed much of her sanctuary because she’s a teenager, you know? I did, however, share a few pictures and her inspirational scripture wall.

Home Tour - Marty's Musings

I don’t have the accent color name for the brown wall, but the rest of the room is painted in a teal color. If you come over tomorrow it won’t look anything like this. Because, after all, she is a teenager. Just sayin’.

Teenage bedroom walls: Behr Ultra Premium Plus, Sherwin Williams Tantalizing Teal 6937 Color

Now that our oldest daughter is married she’s quite happy to take advantage of her dad’s painting talents. 

For her home Tim painted an accent wall that was the inspiration for our own bedroom makeover. 

Painting an Accent Wall - Marty's Muisngs

Bedroom accent wall: BEHR Premium Plus Eggshell Finish, 780F-5 Anonymous

This summer has been full to overflowing with projects, including our DIY baby, the new deck on the front of our home. On the back of our house Tim spent a few hours on our wood deck restoration project. 

Wood Deck Restoration with Behr Premium Deckover® - Marty's Musings

Check out the before and after. It’s amazing!

Deck: Behr DeckOver Woodbridge Color

So tell me. Are you a subtle pastel kinda person or a bold is beautiful one?

Great news from Behr Paint! Behr recently announced their new ColorSmart by BEHR Digital PaintStore, now available on For the first time ever, order paint for free delivery (on orders over $45)! This is currently only available in the US market.

Customers can preview designer coordinated paint combinations virtually and then configure their online paint purchase by choosing their product, sheen, and quantity and adding their order to their shopping cart with one click. Sample, gallon, and five gallon containers are available for delivery to most states and shipping is free for paint samples or any order over $45.

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Disclosure: I was compensated with product from BEHR Paint but the opinions are all mine.

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  1. Love the coral door & will probably use the idea somewhere as my husband got enough red when I did the kitchen – family room red (almost looks coral here You’re lucky your husband likes / let’s you have lots of bold colors as mine will go along with 1-2 rooms but then I have to tame it down.

    • Hi, Tina. Your family room is adorable! Love the red and it takes a brave and confident woman to choose that! My husband and I have been married 27 years and he hasn’t always trusted my judgment! Since he’s a painter he’s always had more say so in the color scheme, but as I become more confident he’s letting me figure out what I love! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kat Sheridan says:

    LOVE the yellow! I’m a lover of bold colors (my bedroom is the color of a Red Delicious apple). I painted my kitchen lemon yellow years ago and have never regretted it. There isn’t a beige or white wall anywhere in my house and we love it that way!

    • Hi, Kat! I love that your a bold color lovin’ woman, too! I never really thought of myself that way but as I look back over the choices we’ve made over the years I definitely am not a pastel kinda decorating gal! No beige or white in this house, either!

  3. I just love all the bright colors! I usually go with more muted wall colors, but I’ll admit that some of my favorite wall colors are the boldest.

    • Thanks, Kim! I’m not sure how I got to be so bold in my color choices, but I do love them! I at least have to have some bold for an accent color in a room. I guess the colors just make me happy!

  4. I see that you got the coral throw blanket from Homegoods. Do you know the brand? I don’t have a homegoods store near me and was trying to see if I could get the blanket online.

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