Easy Family Scrapbook Ideas: Print Those Pictures!

I was away scrapbooking this weekend, trying to catch up on my Project Life album. These weekends usually consist of a little blogging, some extra sleep, a few delicious meals and some easy family scrapbook ideas. When I started scrapbooking 18 years ago I labored over the pages (and cut many a kid's head with patterned scissors. Can anyone … [Read more...]

Handmade Card Ideas in Under 10 Minutes

This month on Crafty Hangouts we were challenged to come up with a craft that could be completed in under 10 minutes. Just my style. Quick and easy. Lickety split. In a jiffy. (Consumer Crafts sponsored this post but all opinions and ideas are my own!) I ordered some goodies from Consumer Crafts and came up with … [Read more...]

Project Life Ideas for the Busy Woman

Too tired and too busy to record your family memories? Think the best you can do is a bunch of cellphone pictures that never make it into an album? I hear 'ya. I really do. I've been a scrapbooker for 17 years. When I first began I cropped my pictures with patterned scissors and gave people square heads instead of round. Anybody out there … [Read more...]

Craft Room Makeover and Organization Ideas

I would love to say that I am a bold, confident woman, but the truth is I'm just a work in progress. Probably a little bit like you if you're honest. I want to be complete. Whole. No blemishes or scars. Dare I even hope, acceptable and perfect? Funny how my decorating seems to mirror my life. Incomplete. Unfinished. Blemishes and … [Read more...]

Craft Room Inspiration

  Want to see how close I got to my inspiration? Here's the reveal of my new craft room! At  the beginning of the new year, when I decided my word for 2014 was simplify, I went on a cleaning/organization spree in my craft room.  I wasn't happy with the way the room was functioning. Since I have started blogging full time as … [Read more...]

Michaels Recollection Calendar: The Perfect Gift for Christmas

I have been a scrapbooker and family memory keeper for many years. My blog started out as a way to journal many of our family struggles and triumphs as we walked the path through adoption. Even though I share mostly DIY and craft projects now, along with favorite recipes, I am still a story teller at heart. Imagine my excitement when I received … [Read more...]

Ways to Use Social Media in Project Life

Are you as hooked into social media as I am? (Hint. Hint. You can follow me on facebook, pinterest and instagram.) If you have teenagers or adult children like I do (two of each kind!), communicating by text or facebook is probably common. I wanted to share some ways to use social media in Project Life memory keeping. On the layout … [Read more...]

Catching up on Project Life

You might be asking, what happened to Project Life?  Well, you're probably not but I'll tell you anyway! I have been failing miserably at keeping current with my pages. In the past I have gotten behind a week or two because I normally print my pictures every 3-4 weeks. With all the blogging I'm doing I am not staying current. My plan is to … [Read more...]

Project Life Layout for October 2012

  Today's Project Life layout was fun to put together with less photos and more memorabilia and journaling. Both pages share some "out of my comfort zone" moments. The left side layout has a couple of pics from my adventure singing from West Side Story again. What fun to sing with "my" Tony from 28 years earlier. I also included some … [Read more...]

Project Life October 2012 Week 1

This week's Project Life layout from October is a fun one, filled with lots of details as well as pictures. The left layout is a pic and journaling from our Corn Maze adventure, a stub from a massage and blog journaling about my journey through grief. One of my favorite ways to document my Project Life album is with words from my own … [Read more...]

Project Life September 2012 Week 3

Went on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend and got caught up with my Project Life pages! I was about six weeks behind and it took me a while. Note to self: don't get so far behind! The good thing about it was I had all my memorabilia and pics ready to go. I just had to decide on type of page protectors and themes for the week. Here's a layout … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking with Project Life

I am terribly behind in my Project Life memory keeping this year. Although I'm fairly up to date with getting my pictures edited and developed, I have not gotten them in the album. I also have much of the memorabilia together so it's a matter of choosing the page sizes and orientation, printing off some blog journaling, and I'll be on my way to … [Read more...]

Project Life September 2012 Week 2

Just a quick Project Life layout to share today. This year I seem to be working on the album in spurts, usually a month at a time. I would like to be more consistent but I'm staying current with taking pictures and collecting memorabilia. Sometimes that's just good enough :-) The right side is more of the picture a day idea. I loved taking a … [Read more...]

Project Life September 2012 Week 1

This week's Project Life layout is from September and is all about my youngest son M. As you can tell I don't use his name on my blog. He is our youngest of three adopted siblings, and we want to allow him some privacy as we did for our older kids when I began my blog journey. The layouts are a celebration of all that is my youngest son. He … [Read more...]

Project Life August 2012 Week 4

I'm doing Project Life a little differently this year so instead of a picture a day I'm grouping pics by week. The layout I'm sharing this week contains pictures from my blog. The left layout contains a pic of my  no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, den makeover, jewelry organizer, blessing jar, and easy enchiladas. I love having a layout of … [Read more...]

Project Life August 2012 Week 3

This week's Project Life layout centered around my son Joshua and his move-in for sophomore year of college. The left side of the layout has hand written journaling as well as pics of my son and the oatmeal packets we made him for college. His seminary does not have a cafeteria so I try to send him some homemade frozen foods to make sure … [Read more...]

Project Life August 2012 Week 1 and 2

Why, yes, I'm seven weeks behind on my Project Life album. Golly. What happened here? My blog makeover happened! After reading and researching for several months on how to continue to do what I love (writing and blogging) while possibly earning an income, I've let everything mostly slide except the blog. Yikes! I've never gotten so far behind on … [Read more...]

Project Life July 2012 Week 5

Yes, it's September and I'm finishing posting from July. Whatever. It makes me feel less stressed than trying to get everything done each week. The layout below is my Month in Review for July. I still did partial theme (left side layout) and layout a day misc. (right side layout). This is the first time I've actually printed something to use as … [Read more...]

Project Life July 2012 Week 4

This week's Project Life layout is a combination of theme/daily photos and memorabilia. The left side of the layout features my great nephew's 1st birthday party.  His mom has done the design work for my blog, our daughter's wedding and our 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal service. She is extremely talented (even while chasing around three … [Read more...]

Project Life July 2012 Week 3

Yes, this layout is from the Fourth of July. I get my pictures printed locally at Walgreen's every time they have a sale and they haven't lately so I'm just getting the pics developed. This is a layout for my 2012 Project Life album. I have been focusing less this year on taking a pic a day and more on connecting the layouts, whether through theme … [Read more...]

Project Life July 2012 Week 2

I'm not going to join in on any bandwagon with the Chick-fil-A controversy, but I will say that one of our favorite activities of the summer is Cow Day, where this company gives away free meals to anyone dressed as a cow. I love it #1, because it's free food and #2, I have an excuse to take silly pictures of my family. For this week's Project Life … [Read more...]

Project Life July 2012 Week 1

This is one of my favorite layouts for 2012 so far. My niece actually took the pictures (with my camera), and they are of her children and my youngest two at a local splash pad. This is my fourth year doing Project Life, and I'm just now starting to branch out a wee bit in creativity. I have not been spending much time in my scrapbook … [Read more...]

Project Life June 2012 Week 5

This is my last Project Life June layout. I don't worry about being caught up so much anymore. (And actually I'm pretty caught up. I'm just blogging a month behind.) Since I'm doing more of a weekly/theme layout I am tending to do layouts a month at a time.   I may spend some time pulling together journaling, and of course, having my pictures … [Read more...]

Project Life June 2012 Week 4

I love the ease of Project Life, my yearly memory keeper for our scrapbooks. I'm also enjoying grouping more of my photos into themes or events. This week's layout is from June and shows a random collection of photos from the month. Usually these photos are ones that didn't make it into a weekly layout. The left layout shows a shot of my … [Read more...]