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Finding Purpose in Life and Work

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I had high goals for the start of this new year, and they had nothing to do with eating healthy and exercising! (Actually they did but that’s not the topic of this post!)

In my last post I shared some of the struggles that December brought for me. In my usual transparency I wrote about grief and its effect on my mama’s heart.  I received some sweet comments and concerns for my emotional health. As a blogger, I’m always writing and not everything goes into an immediate post. 

I’m happy to say that I’m doing great and y’all don’t have to worry about me! I am a warrior mama who fights mightily for her kids and setbacks hurt my heart. I’ve experienced many losses in the last few years but God is doing a great work in our family. 

My word for 2016 is purpose and I’ve been searching for signs and guidance in finding purpose in life and work for myself.

I didn’t know that God would use some specific ways to get my attention! Most of January was spent recovering from carpal tunnel surgery and my blog going down when my hosting company and data center was hacked. I didn’t have access to my blog for some or all of almost three weeks. Then after that fiasco I switched hosting companies and spent most of last week getting my blog back up and everything fixed again. This left little time for creativity and lovely projects.

It was a very humbling and enlightening experience. 

This blog is so much more to me than just words on a page. It is my legacy to my family, a record of many of our family memories and pictures of our lives through the years.

Marty’s Musings is where I share my heart and life transparently, risking much yet dreaming big.

Marty's Musings shares how to to dream big dreams and embrace the unknown when God touches your heart and changes your plans.

There were moments when my stomach knotted in fear this would all disappear into space in spite of all of my best precautions.

Thankfully all the behind scenes work brought my baby back to life, and now I can return to focusing on 2016.

I’ve sensed that God is calling me to be more intentional with my home life, continuing to invest time and speak words of life into my teenage daughter.

I am joyously watching my oldest daughter and niece find great purpose in their health journey as they have inspired our entire family. There will be a few blog posts in the future with some new healthy recipes, too!

I know that I want to work smarter and not harder this year in my business. Last year I shouldered much responsibility for providing for our family through a season of crisis and recovery.

I love my blogging business but sometimes I allow it to become all consuming. I want to make sure that my writing and experiences shared in this forum continue to represent my heart and life. I don’t take lightly the opportunity to encourage others on the journey.

I also want the brands and products I represent to be a reflection of my personal values and lifestyle. I want to continue to grow my own personal brand in ways that will honor God and use the gifts He has given me.

Text, letter

Even though my blog is my full time occupation it is also a ministry and I’m always on a quest to juggle the two, usually not successfully but always with the best intentions!

This weekend I went away on a scrapbooking retreat which turned into more of a heart sharing weekend. God allowed me invest time in the lives of several women by speaking life where struggles are evident and an encouraging word is needed. My own years where it seemed like I was wandering in a desert parenting our adopted children with wounded hearts has given me a passion for bringing hope to the women God places in my path, whether in person or through this blog.

With all that said, I promise to get back to the fun DIY projects and trash to treasure finds so many of you come here for! I have two Valentine’s posts coming your way this week and some yummy recipes, including a slow cooker soup that is perfect for these cold days. 

Thank you for continuing to read and support me during these obstacles the last few weeks. I believe there are exciting days to come!

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  1. This is what I needed this morning, Marty, as I need to find my purpose again.
    I can no longer teach in a place that has no interest in what we can do TOGETHER as a learning community to bless the lives of our students. The toxicity level increases with each day, and I feel as though nothing I am doing is making any difference. It is breaking my heart.
    So now I have to figure out what Kirby 3.0 is–first a stay-at-home-mom, then a teacher, and now…?

    1. Hey, Kirby. I know your job is so very hard and I admire your ability to continue on when there is no appreciation or support. Whether you can see it or not you ARE making a difference. Sometimes you just may never have that affirmation at this moment in time.

      Kirby 3.0……it seems you have the beginnings of many different outlets. Now to make them viable income! I’m totally still figuring that one out! Hang in there, friend!

  2. Marty…so glad to have found your blog and you! My name is Norah and I am also looking for my purpose. However, I have been searching since 2013! I have learned that sometimes “our plans” don’t look like God’s; His are BETTER and we must trust His plans. I am sorry for your heartbreak this past December and January but remember that He has you in the palm of His hand. Looking forward to learning more from you. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Hi, Norah. It’s been a couple of weeks since you commented but I wanted you to know I did read it! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and allowing me to be reminded that God’s plans are always wiser and greater than ours. I hope you’ll stick around and share more of the purpose you’re looking for. Many of my posts in the family category share more of my personal story so anything that connects with you just email or comment and let me know! Have a blessed day! Marty

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Sarah. I appreciate you taking the time to read a post that is more than just a recipe or DIY! I truly find my purpose in sharing the more personal side because we have indeed been through and continue to go through trials and encouraging others to hang on helps me as well. Have a great day!

  3. What a great word for the year! I didn’t choose one because I just couldn’t seem to find the right one. Your words are encouraging and a blessing. I’m so glad that I found your blog!!

    1. Hi, Crystal. Thanks for commenting on my post. It IS hard to find a word for the year sometimes isn’t it? I feel like the word often finds me when it keeps appearing in many different places in my life. I hope you’ll hang around and subscribe so we can continue to connect with each other! Marty

  4. Hello Marty, I feel blessed to have come across your Pin about shopping at yard sales, something I dearly love, even if it’s just to browse. I have come across some very treasured items, a Woodstock album with some really neat autographs, a WW1 first aide kit with the items still intact…bandages, a triangle sling. I also come across an old book of maps dated 1809. Unfortunately these items along with my first set of Christmas dishes that I’d finally completed the set came up missing after relocating for my husband’s job. There was absolutely nothing I could do because the items were never listed showing that I even had them. Anyone that has went through a “professional” moving company knows they mark it as “dishes, items, books.” Anyway, as I began reading your yard sale tips, I was drawn to read more about you, I felt like a kindness & sincerity about you. I’m so glad that I took the time to know you & I so appreciate your honesty & desire to follow God’s plan & purpose for your life, something I’m wanting in my own life! I’m excited to have found you & rest assured you have been a blessing to me tonight as I struggle with another sleepless night! I look forward to following your blog & to see if that is a way I’m leaning to pursue! Thank you & many blessings !

    1. Hi, Teresa. Your comment was the first thing I read this morning and it was such an encouragement to me! I always hope that if someone comes to the blog through one of my recipes or projects they find something they enjoy and stick around for the more personal posts. I do strive to be transparent with my journey as I’ve walked a difficult road these past few years but God has renewed my purpose. Now you are a part of that plan! Thank you and may God bless your search for purpose as well!

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