How to Survive a Blogging Spouse

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Not quite in time for our Valentine’s Day Anniversary, but my husband gave me this hysterically funny, right on target prescription for how to survive a spouse who blogs. If you know someone who blogs (especially DIY, crafty, hands on kinds of bloggers), share it with them. You can thank me later.


How to Survive a Blogging Spouse

It all seemed so innocent, so propitious, so – temporary.  Little did we know that it was already too late to stop the ravenous addiction that had entered our home.  Blogging.  In my case, it is my wife that we lost to this insatiable monster.  It may be your husband, a sister, a family member.  Whoever it is, this post is for those left behind, like the bewildered masses roaming the streets after the Rapture.  Here are just ten simple tips to survive the blogger in our midst:

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1)   Buy the very best computer you can’t possibly afford and then don’t even tell her how to turn it on.  I’m serious!  If you help on that very first night, you have become her Internet Technology Specialist.  And you will rue that day.  Our weapon of choice is a 27” iMac.  With reading glasses on, this thing looks like a roadside billboard.  It has yet to blink, even with 30 trillion pictures on it already.

2)  Near that computer, you must place the following items: a box of tissues, a stress ball, and a small pillow for her to scream into at 2 a.m.  This is not self fulfilling prophecy; these are essentials.  You may also want to remove all sharp objects from the vicinity.

3)  Learn the language…ASAP.  She will greet you at the door with words and initials you’ve never heard of.  Here’s some quickies;  “Google juice” is not something you retrieve from the refrigerator.  “S.E.O.” does not stand for Securities Exchange Officer.  But I have yet to fully grasp what an RSS feed to my Google reader is.  And don’t even get me started on writing and editing code for her site.  You don’t have to be fluent; you just need to be able to ask where the bathroom is and hail a cab.  Keep it simple.

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4)    For the love of all things pure and holy, READ HER BLOG!  Even if you really only look at the pictures, you must be able to execute your half of the conversation.  I warn you now, if you don’t give this impression, you will find yourself with a request to subscribe to her updates via emails.  Just do it.  Warn your loved ones to do it.  Scream it from the rooftop.  Send up smoke signals.  Read, read, read.

5)    Invest in mobile access for her.  This can be an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.  Look, this blog is her CHILD!  You would never, ever ask her to leave it home, lonely and unattended, would you?  Of course not, you dolt!  She must be able to check those stats and tweak that picture wherever and whenever it is possible.  We recently executed this step and she positively beams with every opportunity to go mobile.

6)    Get her some business cards.  Not kidding here.  She is desperate for legitimacy and credibility, especially in those lean, frustrating early years.  It’s all about exposure at every level, and she will glow when she can put that little piece of her CHILD (remember?) in the hand of someone she has just totally confused.  If the blog has some whacky name (and they’re out there, aren’t they?), this is another essential.

7)    Learn to pause for the picture.  I will confess before you all, this one makes me insane.  Whether it’s a Pinterest project that must be documented in it’s entirety, or a meal that goes cold because the blogging cook is in front of the whiteboard with camera and plate, just be patient.  Unfortunately, this will not get better with time.  Learn it, live it, love it.  Or, mysteriously drop the camera.  Your choice.

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8)    Take it seriously.  A bit more reality-based with this one, but look at what has already been invested here: the computers, the mobile devices, the cards, the Google hang-outs, the conferences, the Twitter parties, the You Tube instructional videos, and on and on and on.  But none of that comes close to the hours upon hours she has poured into this new season of her life.  This is not just her new job; it is her passion, her love, her dreams.  It is what motivates her in the morning and the last thing she thinks about at night.  Support it and her, even when it is totally beyond anything you can comprehend.

9) Stand the kids next to the computer now and then when she’s hit that third hour. She’ll remember who they are – she’s written a post with their pictures in it not too long ago. Have them get her a bowl of ice cream if she has just lost everything for the second time, or she has combed the entire code box for a missing comma that screwed up everything.

10) Be her sidekick, DIY guy, muse, proof reader, guinea pig, whatever she needs. But, under NO circumstances, be the IT guy…I warned you. She needs you, and she needs your understanding. Blogging is a terrifying and dangerously vulnerable undertaking. Whether it works or completely tanks, she needs to know you’ve got her back. Attacks will come and stupid people will inevitably find a post and rip her to shreds. Just watch her back and enjoy the ride. Survive!

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I love this season of blogging in my wife’s life. She is amazing and never ceases to amaze us all with her ability to blossom amidst all of life’s fertilizer. I worry at times when the glow of the computer still lights her weary face at 2 or 3 in the morning, but she has always been a trooper and failure is simply not an option. She controls the monster, and even manages to make it swoon in her more than capable hands. Blog on, love of my life! Blog on…


Not only is my husband a talented writer (and musician and dad and on and on) but he also answers my readers questions on home repairs in his Ask Tim column. We are a pretty good team when it comes to our home projects, including our mason jar chandelierscrapbook room makeover and chalk painted hutch.

Mason Jar Chandelier by Martys Musings  A large room Hutch and Paint

Pictures by jlydesigns


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  1. I kinda, sorta feel lost here, being as I’m the hubby who computered his wifey to her grave, but that’s another spouse story, of a sort(weeping), so anyway, loved HubbySpouse’ take on his be-loved’s addictions to virtual rants to virtual people, with virtual reality friendships, in an otherwise REAL WORLD. A REAL place REAL People TOUCH each other(Blogsters NEVER hug their Blog Readers as they Blog!(I’m all TOO aware of this sad, maddening FACT of VIRTUAL Life!:)(UGH!) If that were not true, then you would see my teary eyes as I write this in BLOGGER HELL, and wanna reach out an hug my poor, BLOG-besotted me!)



    Come, bring HubbyOneDurr and sit a spell with me, here:

    NO! It’s *NOT* pretty yet!

    But, the page of last Summer’s community garden are very pretty.

    I’m attempting, to add an Amazon product sales spot for related tools, books and other items, but so far it’s cornfuzing the heck outta me, and that’s why I’m here, in my quest to find H E L P!

    Oh! Thanks to HUBBY! He’s a Beacon of hope for my lost Blogger Boat!:-))


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  3. This hit soooo close to home! It’s after midnight, and I have been working for hours. My husband is very supportive as well, but to my knowledge he isn’t reading my posts. I will sign him up 🙂
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you for a wonderful post, xo Tanya

  4. This made me laugh out loud. Thanks so much for sharing it. It will find its way to my husband’s inbox today, too, so he knows he’s not alone. What a blessing a supportive spouse is! Truly a gift from the Lord.

    Laura’s Playdates list led me to your blog, and the sidebar photo for this post proved irresistible. Grace and peace to you in the Lord Jesus. And blessed blogging!

    1. Hi, Erin. Thanks so much for commenting on my husband’s post about living with a blogger. It is hysterically funny but right on target, isn’t he? It has been a process for him to adjust to this passion of mine. Thanks for visiting Marty’s Musings.

  5. I’ve been blogging at various locations for 10 years, and my husband would never have been able to verbalize all of this. I’m emailing it to him right this instant! (Hi honey. Doesn’t Marty have a great blog here?)

  6. I laughed I cried I’m going to make my hubby read this post — I turned him into a blogger as well and now we have to SHARE the computer – oh boy.

  7. This post really made my morning, thanks ;o). Such a fun and creative pair you are. I’m an on and off blogger, so my other half isn’t as well trained (yet).

  8. Great post, Tim! I’m sure my hubby will LOL when I show him this one. He “knows” all of my Bloggy Friends, too, because I tell him all about you.

    mama of 12

    1. Hey, Laurel. I thought about you as TIm was writing his post. Isn’t this a strange world we “live” in? This blogging world? Wouldn’t trade it, though!
      Love to you, my friend.

  9. {Kathy} Your sense of humor is right up my alley. I am going to share this with my dear husband. The Twitter party comment had me laughing. One night I sat next to him in our bed while this “party” was going on thanks to social media. Needless to say, he requested that this particular activity never enter our bedroom again. Wonder why?

    1. Hi, Kathy! Our husbands have to have a sense of humor to put up with this crazy blogging thing we do! Love the twitter party comment. The parties are such a whirlwind! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    1. Jennifer, I’m afraid my hubby’s post was probably emailed to several husbands this week! Seriously, sign him up for email notifications. Then he has no excuse! Worked for me!

  10. This is such a touching post. You’re such a lucky woman to have a partner in life who knows and loves you so much. Please tell your husband for me that he’s amazing. I’m definitely leaving his tips under my husband’s pillow tonight. (That way, he’ll have to read them or have laptop creases on his face in the morning.)

  11. This is such a GREAT post! I so love his perspective… and frankly, you need to have a talk with my husband because I’m not sure he has EVER read my blog and he could use this blog post! I think he would find these tips amazing! I know I do! 😉

  12. Okay…this is AWESOME!!! Shared it. Pinned it. Will shout it from the hilltops!!! Those are the BEST hubs support ideas EVER! Go hug your husband. Now. STAT! Love love love this post. 🙂

  13. 11. Ignore the laundry, dirty dishes, and more that pile up during a particularly busy blogging season. Just let it go. Unlesss you can’t find the kids in all the mess. Then, you can start to worry a little.

    Loved this! 🙂

    1. Hi, Rebecca! Love your #11 to add to my hubby’s blogging spouse post. Ignore the laundry, dishes, and try to find the kids in the mess! Love it!

  14. I absolutely love this! It made me laugh and even tear up a little. 🙂 My husband is slowly figuring out that blogging is now my passion and not just a passing hobby. I sent this to him and also my mom. Thanks so much! 🙂

  15. Perfection! I am emailing this to my husband now. There have been many a late night, romantic talks this past year where I am urgently whispering to him, “but all the other bloggers have husbands who can code for them!”.

    1. Thanks, Natalie, for commenting on my hubby’s post about blogging. Your comment was hysterical! Our husbands want us to whisper sweet nothings but I’m guessing it’s not about code!