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Kleenex Lotion Tissue: Help for Allergies

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A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

This is the story of the little girl with allergies.

You know the one.

Coke bottle glasses.

Crooked teeth.

Walking home from middle school (although we called it junior high umpteen years ago) with a kleenex stuffed behind her glasses lens because she had scratched her eyes until they were swollen.

Sneezing, dripping and miserable.

Oh yes. That was me. 

Allergies made my childhood miserable (although it did allow me to skip a lot of the yard work during pollen season.)

When I was 12 I was finally tested for allergies, began taking shots and found a little relief.

Yet throughout my life and struggles with allergies, Kleenex has been my constant companion.

I always have a tissue  somewhere close by. Always. Kleenex and I are good friends!

It might be a handy Kleenex Pocket Pack in the purse (and yes, that is a Wonder Woman lego peeking out)

A bag sitting on top of a table

or in the car within reach.

A close up of a bag

I have Kleenex Lotion Tissue with Aloe by my favorite rocking chair

A vase of flowers on a table 

and on the nightstand next to my bed.

A box on a table 

Apparently I got my allergy problems from my mom because I inherited from her the habit of always having a Kleenex handy. In at least one pocket of every pair of pants, in her pocketbook or by her bedside, my mom was always prepared. 

My mom tragically passed away on Christmas Eve 2010, but she is always with me, even in the little reminder of a kleenex forgotten in her favorite bathrobe.

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  1. I loved this story, Marty. I can so picture that little girl, beset by allergies. What a woman she has become, sniffles and all. I love that something as simple as a Kleenex serves as a reminder of your mom and also connects you. It’s so interesting the things we carry on… Now, which of your children will be reminiscing about Kleenexes when she/he is older?

    1. You are so sweet! Some days I still feel like that awkward middle schooler! Luckily my kids don’t have as bad of allergies as I do so maybe they’ll just laugh when they find my kleenexes. I can tell you that they don’t go through the washing machine very well!

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