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Making a New Home After Divorce or Loss

Whether you’re suffering through divorce or loss of a spouse, creating a new home will allow you to process the emotions while challenging and healing you.


  • Should you sell your home when you divorce?
  • Where will you live after a divorce?
  • Can you buy a house while separated?
  • Embrace your new life.
  • Decide what YOU want in your new home.
  • Let go of sentimental memorabilia that keeps you bound to the past.
  • Box up any belongings you're indecisive about.
  • Give yourself permission to fail and learn.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • How to make a new house feel like home.
  • Allow grief and joy to coincide.
  • Find your new purpose.
  • What is life after divorce like?
  • More home inspiration: