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My heart’s desire is to help you create a home where you’ll find contentment and joy, no matter the size or cost.

To get you started and whet your appetite, here are a few of the ways I created my own authentic home.  

If you’re a messy painter like me or have old mismatched furniture you’ll love these No Fail Chalk Painting Tips for Beginners.

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Our biggest remodeling project EVER was our kitchen and it was 28 years in the making. You can read how we saved THOUSANDS of dollars!

DIY homeowners share practical tips and advice on how to save money on a kitchen remodel. The most important one will save you both time AND money!

We also took an outdated small bedroom from teenage boy to DIY coastal heaven in this post!

Create a soothing coastal bedroom retreat with these inexpensive DIY beach decor ideas including a plank wall and yard sale treasures!

It may be small but it’s home! My Home Tour. If you just can’t wait to see more you can see pics of my entire DIY Project Gallery here. Marty Walden Signature