Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

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Create a soothing coastal bedroom retreat without spending a ton of money with these easy DIY beach themed bedroom ideas!

Vintage bed with white linens against coastal planked wall

Let’s face it. Most of us are longing for a vacation and some major relaxation! Maybe heading to the beach for a few days of R&R is in your future. Or maybe you just want to create a cozy, beach themed bedroom in your home and don’t know where to start. I’ve got you! All the tips and inspiration for a coastal bedroom are here!

Teenage Boys Bedroom: The Before!

This bedroom belonged to our youngest son when he was a teenager. It was painted bright red with one big chalkboard wall (hiding behind ALL.THAT.STUFF.)

A cluttered desk with a book shelf

Here was my vision for the chalkboard wall even if he didn’t use it enough! Eventually we succumbed to the need for lighter and brighter. (Read how to paint over dark walls here.)

Chalkboard wall in red bedroom

Since I don’t own a beach house I created a soothing and restful small bedroom filled with the calming feeling of sand and waves.

Inexpensive DIY Beach Bedroom Ideas

All of the bedrooms in our 1950’s ranch style home are fairly small and a challenge to decorate yet still serve a purpose. Each one is filled with yard sale treasures and curbside finds I’ve repurposed to create a beautiful room on a budget. (Read the top 10 yard sale bargains I shop for each year!)

When one of our children moves out it gives me an opportunity to literally cleanse the space and start fresh. This time I wanted to try a style I’d never created before with a beachy coastal look.

I might not ever have my own beach house but I sure can pretend! Whatever your decorating style I hope these simple tips will give you ideas for your own home!

Create an inspiration board.

Whether you love to use Pinterest or simply bookmark websites on your computer, spend some time choosing pictures and gathering ideas that are in the style and color scheme you’re hoping to recreate. Notice fabrics you’re drawn to with natural materials such as linens, cottons and natural fibers.

Coastal bedroom with plank wall and blue and white accessories

Obviously with a beach themed bedroom the color palette with different shades of blues and greens of the ocean would be a great place to start. Also think of all the sea creatures, driftwood and beautiful seashells as well. Literally anything can be your inspiration!

Where to begin creating a beach themed room?

Often the hardest thing about a room makeover is where to start! For me I always look for something that will fuel my inspiration! In this room it was this rustic “relax” sign I found at a craft store. (You can read all about how to design a room around an inspiration piece here.)

I love coastal interiors combining rustic ideas with beach colors and unique texture. Who knew one sign would lead to an amazing new room?

Beachy accessory with relax on metal frame

Wicker chairs are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores and add a touch of beach theme to any room. Spray paint navy or another shade of blue for the perfect room accent.

Add simple artwork that brings in coastal details.

The beachy blue colors inspired me to create this gallery wall decor with simple artwork. The picture of the Cape Cod house was one I stitched almost 30 years ago. The ship on the right was painted by my son and the other two were yard sale finds. A simple grouping of similar themed pictures works for this room.

Small gallery wall with beach themed pictures

If you love family pictures more than art and want to add some to a grouping, think about matting them all with similar colors or using black and white pictures for unity.

Use what you have.

The easiest way to refrain from spending a lot of money is to recycle the “stuff” you already have. Everything on these shelves came from……..wait for it……a yard sale or from my attic stash!

The sea-inspired candleholders are perfect decorative items that I got for pennies. There’s even a starfish and a dark blue candle wrapped in jute. Simple but effective ideas!

Many of the books were from childhood and woven baskets store family favorites for days when I keep my grandkids. (The tall white basket is also stuffed full of books. I couldn’t bear to part with our treasured childhood reads!)

White shelving unit with beach accessories

The antique bedroom furniture in this room was actually my grandmother’s. She lived with my family until her death when I was 15 and this was her four poster bed and nightstand. We stored it for many years in the attic but now it’s perfect for this small bedroom.

Metal wall hanging with pictures and vintage twin bed

The white bed linens are vintage and with the throw pillows add some neutrals to this room. A striped rug or one with a simple pattern can also help ground the room.

Don’t overlook free stuff!

You’ll never guess where this gorgeous desk came from. The side of the road, of course! Trash to treasure projects are my favorite! A lot of time was spent mixing stains to match the bedroom set and I’m so pleased with the result!

The hat lovingly placed on the top shelf was my dad’s. It brings joy to my heart with memories of my kids placing dress up with one of PawPaw’s hats. Sprinkled in with the rest of the inexpensive decor are some seashells and books for boys of all ages.

Mahogany desk with drawing supplies and books

Another $1 yard sale find, I painted this tool caddy white and used it to store art supplies in blue mason jars.

Artist brushes and blank art journal

Add a focal element.

This room is unusual because it’s connected in the middle by swinging doors. We planked over these doors so the two rooms couldn’t be accessed this way. (Read how to DIY plank walls with chalk paint here.)

Beach themed bedroom with vintage twin bed and desk

I think shiplap walls with this pop of color are the perfect way to add interest! Your eye is immediately drawn to the soothing colors and the dark wood accents. Truly added a unique beach vibe to the bedroom!

Since planking the wall adjoining this room and another bedroom some of my readers wanted to know how to get in the room! The door is actually to the left of the side table in the picture below so there is an escape out of the room! No one was locked in to make this coastal cottage retreat possible!

Tap into your creativity!

One of my favorite creative DIY projects was this photo frame with black and white family pictures. It’s actually a metal crate that was taken apart and wrapped in jute around the edges. Pretty clever, don’t you think?

Metal wall hanging filled with black and white pictures

That vintage table lamp? Would you believe I found it on the side of the road? Yep! It was in a pile of junk ready for trash pickup but I grabbed it and it’s perfect for the room. Sadly, there was an unfortunate accident with the shade and $18 later my FREE lamp wasn’t quite so free!

A vintage lamp beside a vintage twin bed

This guest bedroom has only a small closet with built in drawers, which was totally inadequate when our two boys were sharing a room. Now it’s a perfect place for extra grandbaby toys and thankfully this no sew burlap curtain hides the mess!

coastal themed bedroom with aqua and white furnishings

Know when to splurge on coastal decor.

Did you notice the distressed turquoise metal sign? One of the few new accessories in the room, it serves as a reminder of what’s really important.

Aqua metal sign with home on it

Paired with one of my favorite chalk painted pieces, this ship’s wheel was the biggest splurge in the room (even though I got it for 40% off at Hobby Lobby.) I passed on it when I was in the store because I just couldn’t spend the $60 on it (and yes, it was $100 full price!) (Read how to chalk paint furniture with chalk paint here.)

aqua chalk painted chest

But I later went back to get it because it just fit the room and I I never do that, y’all, but I don’t regret it one bit. When you rarely, if ever pay “real money” to decorate your home, sometimes a splurge is in order!

Aqua chalk painted dresser

FAQs about a Beach Themed Bedroom

Often the hardest thing about a room makeover is where to start! For me I always look for something that will fuel my inspiration! In this room it was this rustic “relax” sign I found at a craft store. 

Obviously with a beach themed bedroom all the blues and greens of the ocean would be a great place to start but think of all the sea creatures, driftwood and beautiful seashells as well. Literally anything can be used to begin decorating this fun room.

Coastal style emphasizes lighter tones in shades of blue, green, beige and white to communicate a relaxed feel. Think casual furnishings that recreate the breeziness of the beach.

Since I know everyone can’t shop at yard sales or thrift stores I’m including some links to similar coastal home decor items that  you might like!

(This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.)

Home Decor Shopping List

Ship’s Wheel Wall Mirror (Y’all, I’ve searched ALL OVER to find a similar ship’s wheel to the one I bought at Hobby Lobby but no luck! You might like this one at Home Depot or this one on Amazon.)
Relax wall sign (this one is similar to mine)
Small globe
Blue pint mason jars
Candles with hand woven rope
Hand woven storage basket
White wicker plant stand


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Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

Create a soothing coastal bedroom retreat without spending a ton of money with these easy DIY beach themed bedroom ideas!
Keyword Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas


  • 1 section wood planks for plank wall
  • 1 can chalk paint for plank wall
  • 1 collection beach themed home decor
  • 1 grouping coastal art work
  • 1 vintage bedspread
  • Several blue and natural pillows
  • 1 ship's wheel
  • 1 hand woven basket


  • Inexpensive DIY beach decor ideas
  • Create an inspiration board.
  • Where to begin creating a beach themed room?
  • Add simple artwork that brings in coastal details.
  • Use what you have.
  • Don't overlook free stuff!
  • Add a focal element.
  • Tap into your creativity!
  • Know when to splurge!
  • Home decor shopping list.



Vintage bed with white linens next to blue planked wall

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot about the Coastal Grandmother style that is very popular right now. This room fits the bill perfectly, and I love all the elements, but especially that shiplap wall. I’m going to try to copy the colors on a shiplap wall that I have, because I think it’s so pretty!

    1. Hi Jeanine. I’ve never heard of that style but it does fit perfectly! I blended my grandmother’s furniture with inexpensive accessories. Good luck with your plank wall!

  2. I love how you have a story/memory behind all your decor and furniture! It’s so much full of happy memories compared to “I spent thousands at the furniture store

  3. The new look is a breath of fresh air and the colours are so calming. Buying that wheel was totally worth it; love the nautical flare! Coincidentally I recently found something at the curb that would likely be perfect to DIY into something similar. I may have to give it a go!

  4. You have done an amazing job, it all looks so great put together. You also have so many interesting nick knack around the room. You have great taste. Well Done.

  5. Marty, I love that soothing blue/green ocean look AND your tips for repurposing material for fab decorations. I can see these ideas redirected for a porch, too.You have me wanting to buy a beach house LOL!

  6. Hi, great share! I love all the small touches including the burlap drape. Did you happen to purchase the dresser with that distressed look?

  7. Your post has touched my heart and your guest room is so beautiful and peaceful. Love it.

  8. I love how you repurpose items I do believe using what you have and yard sales and curb side shopping

    1. Hi, Mary. Thanks so much. I do love yard sales and it sounds like we’re kindred spirits! Hope you’ll signup to receive my new posts and tips!