5 Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Car

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Is organization a struggle for you? Do you live out of your car? Or maybe you have kids?

If so, I have 5 helpful tips for organizing your car! Often our vehicle is a reflection of our lives, filled to the brim with people and their “stuff!”

Since it’s often easier to do these unpleasant tasks in short amounts of time, let me give you a few quick organization tips for your vehicle.

Organize your papers

The glove box is the perfect place for organizing your auto information and paper work, including warranties, manual, registration, insurance information, maps, oil changes and repairs. A coupon book with dividers is a helpful way to organize these papers.

Are you a parent of a teenage driver? Make sure they know where all the vital information is located and what to do in case of an emergency. Keep an extra car charger for cell phones as well. 

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Organize for safety

Automobile safety on the road is of utmost importance so keep a tool box in the trunk with necessities for travel such as a first aid kit, flashlight, multi-tool, matches or other fire starter, energy bars or MREs (the instant food that heats up with just water) and water bottles. A tool box is a handy storage organizer for these items as well tools for auto repair such as well as tire pressure gauge, duct tape, jumper cables and tire repair kit.

Car and Tire

If you have space between your seats, this is the perfect place to keep things organized.

Organize your children’s stuff

If you have children you know they come with a lot of stuff! Take the time to organize your kids dvds, cds, toys and snacks so that travel will be more pleasant. Use a net that fits on the back of the front seat for storage or buy one of the clever organizers designed just for that purpose.

Empty the trash

Do you have a place for trash? Why not use a plastic cereal keeper placed between the seats? You can keep it sealed until you’re able to empty it, and by all means, stay diligent in disposing of your trash! If you have space between your seats, this is the perfect place to keep it.

A car parked in a parking lot

Keep It Clean

I don’t know about you, but when I keep something clean it makes me feel like I’m spending my money wisely. It’s just like my children’s floors, where their clothes seem to land on continuously. If we spent money on it, they can keep it off the floor! The same holds true for the car. When I vacuum the inside and wash the outside I’m taking care of what I’ve spent good money on and ensuring that the vehicle will last longer.

A car parked in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Also make sure the mirrors are clean, especially in winter weather. Safety and organization go hand in hand in keeping you prepared on the road! With just a little bit of work you can organize and freshen up your car and make travel safer and easier.

What’s your biggest obstacle in keeping the car clean?

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  1. I like this – I have a collapsable trunk bag (??) and I have a white flat sheet I carry with me for the nursery stops – herbs and shrubs sure can make a mess! I do need to think about trash, good thinking!

    1. Diana, you are one organized person! Even though I have kids I don’t spend a lot of time in my car. Makes it easier to keep it neat! Have a blessed weekend!