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Hair Solutions: Fast and Easy using Sponge Rollers

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Have long hair but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it? Try these hair solutions! They’re fast and easy using sponge rollers!
easy curly hair solutions using sponge rollers
For me, this is a fast and easy hairstyle using sponge rollers. As much as I love the overnight sock bun I also wanted an easy way to get some curl in my hair without hot rollers or a curling iron.
I love my long hair…..on most days anyway, but I won’t waste my days on time intensive hairstyles. I needed fast and easy hair solutions! I decided to use the same high pony tail as the sock bun but with sponge rollers instead!
Here’s my hair transformation….
A close up of a man and a woman looking at the camera
I washed my hair, dried it, and rolled it in sponge rollers and put it into a high pony tail.
A close up of a person wearing a costume
A close up of a man
Less than two hours later when sponge rollers were removed.
A woman looking at the camera
A person looking at the camera
Hair finger combed and DONE!
A woman smiling for the camera
A woman taking a selfie
Seriously, that’s it! You can even do this at night, leaving the curlers in while you sleep. I don’t find it uncomfortable at all.
Take them out and let the hair settle a few minutes (easily done while getting ready for the day), finger comb and you’re done!
My daughter and I have completely different hair texture and hers is a bit longer than mine. She didn’t wash her hair that day.
It’s unbelievably thick and she did need my help with the rolling. I will admit it took a bit longer for hers (probably 15 minutes total to roll) and  required a bunch more rollers.
A person looking at the camera
A woman standing in front of a mirror
A person looking at the camera
A woman smiling for the camera
I love the ease of this hairstyle. I don’t fuss with my hair and I’m terrible at braiding or putting my hair up in any way other than a ponytail. THIS WORKS FOR ME!
Here’s a picture of my daughter and and I about two hours later after the wind had battered our hair.
A woman smiling and posing for the camera
Here’s another day after hours spent outside. The curl has loosened but still has tons of body. (Me and Orville, or is it Wilbur? at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk)
A man and a woman sitting on a bench
It’s cheap (you can get sponge rollers at the dollar store or Wal-Mart)!
It’s easy and doesn’t take a big investment of time!
It creates beautiful curls!
Try this easy hair solution and let me know how it works for you! I’d be thrilled if you’d pin it and tell other folks about it.

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  1. Hi Marty,

    Cute hair! (And jealous -I just can’t pull off long hair.)

    Actually, I have been doing this with my both my little girls’ hair for years. Saturday night, they got a bath, wash hair, and then I style their hair and put in the sponge rollers.

    It makes getting ready for Church the next morning a snap! I followed you over from the Pity Party linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I love sponge rollers because they’re the only way my hair keeps curls AND it doesn’t cause damage. If only my baby would leave me some time to use them… I actually gave mine all to my mother-in-law in December since they’d been collecting dust too long. Your hair looks fab!

  3. I have anturally curly/wavy thick hair and I use sponge rollers. Not for more body cause I don’t need that (eek) but I find it smooths my curls and gives them more definition.

    It also seems to keep the frizzies at bay.

  4. I have really fine hair, so I can’t do the sock bun. ((Well, maybe if I used an infant size sock)). So, I’ll give this a try instead~

  5. Great Post, I will try this simple and easy method to curl my hair by using this sponge rollers.

  6. Do you use a regular elastic before curling into the bun? Do you just pull it out after ?

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