Rustic Repurposed Wood Coffee Table from Fence Boards

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Create a rustic repurposed wood coffee table from fence boards with these DIY instructions and step by step photographs. Perfect for a warm, inviting natural home!

A living room with a wooden floor

Rustic Repurposed Wood Coffee Table 

Written by my husband Tim:  

So, in the process of a couple remodeling projects and the replacement of various pieces of junk furniture, the evil magnetic pull of Pinterest influenced my bride to ask for a more rustic, home-made coffee table for the den.  

The original plan was to salvage an old window sash and convert it into a window table similar to this one.  

I think that’s still the long-term goal, but for now, I decided to see what I could whip-up from materials in the back yard.  My intent was to spend nothing as little as possible with the most effective result – you know, high yield, low investment.  

A few years ago I had removed an old fence and saved the slats…for “someday.”  Well, someday finally came and those dirty old fence slats are now this very brilliantly crafted,cool little table!

A wooden bench sitting on top of a hard wood floor

There were no plans – just getting from “a” to “c” with elbow-grease at “b”.  

A man standing on top of a wooden table, with Inviting Natural

I knew I just needed a simple box frame, slats with a lot of character for the top, and legs.  

A man cooking food on a table, with Wood and Fence

The rest was easy.  I cut all the pieces for the entire table, lightly sanded all the surfaces of each piece, and assembled, 

Table and Wood


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some large furniture clamps, wood glue, and finish nails.

A wooden table

I anticipated that the trickiest part of the whole project would be getting all four legs exactly the same length, especially using old and slightly warped wood.  I was right.  But, after some grinding and finish sanding, it leveled just fine.

A wooden table

I decided not to apply any kind of stain or polyurethane, since this was for inside use and the color/character was just what we were looking for.  

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a wooden table

It looks great in the room, opens up the space we desperately needed around the couch, and didn’t require one single trip to the local home improvement store.

A wooden table


Old fence slats – 0
Wood glue/nails – 0 (already had both)
Total time – 3 hours
End Result – priceless!

I may have discovered a new hubby hobby…YIKES!

A wooden bench

An apple sitting on top of a wooden table

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Get my FREE guide: How to decorate your home for practically nothing!
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  2. The table is Great! Have a question, though. . . Since I started working on pallets, I have read that you have to be careful about the wood because it could be treated with toxic chemicals (since this wood is prepared for the outside). Do you think your table is safe?

    1. Hi, Stephanie. Since we don’t have any little ones in our house I don’t worry as much as maybe someone with little children. This table was actually made from fence posts that my husband diligently cleaned and prepared.

  3. I love all your featured projects, every last one. They are all so wonderful and real to use in your home, love how they look in your home.
    Wow I had to scroll down for quite a bit, so read some of the comments as I did. Don’t you love to have a handy inventive hubs? I do too. We don’t always agree on how something will/should look but I have to bite my tongue and hope for the best. We have several of my hubs projects in our home.
    We’re 2 seniors with very little/none disposable green stuff and that inspires us to make what we can from what we have. I like that better anyway. Last week we scored some pallets and now he’s looking at them when he sees them somewhere. He always used to say he couldn’t make anything from pallets. Uh huh?
    I had to subscribe to your blog, love it and all you do. I need to keep the old boy busy, good for him especially after he had a stroke 2 1/2 yrs. ago.
    When we lived in MT and he was trucking, he’d come home for 3 or 4 days maybe and be out in the pole shed cutting away for me. I’d sand, etc. after he left then, gave me something to do to keep me busy. So glad I found your blog thru Unexpected Elegance.

    1. Hi, JaneEllen. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog Marty’s Musings. You and your husband sound like a good match! Don’t you feel wonderful when you save money AND have a great project? Have a wonderful week!