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May 21, 2011

Dear Joshua,

Today you graduate after 13 years in our homeschool, Providence Christian Academy. What a journey this has been! When you began “official” schooling you were the baby of the family. Two years later you were the middle sibling of five! So many adjustments, so many changes. Yet you weathered them all and showed a strength way beyond your years. You were always a mature little thing (except when you were torturing your siblings) and such a little gentleman. Strangers and friends alike have marveled at your kindness and “old” soul.

Today is a monumental day for both of us. You certainly could have graduated from high school without me but because of our dedication to our family, we are celebrating with you today. So many emotions,

It was an emotional day last fall when you played your last game of church (high school) basketball. I have marveled at the changes in you through the years, from the little kid who couldn’t dribble but had this huge smile plastered on your face, to the young man who blows me away with your intensity and drive to win, yet is gracious whether you win or lose. I couldn’t be more proud or more grateful that you are my son. You have been a bright spot in many dark days in our family and I grieved at another last as your senior year progressed. I marvel at the character you possess and pray that God will protect you as you go out into the world of college in the fall.

One woman came up to us after that basketball game and said that you were going to go far with the personality that draws people to you. You have always been unique, even as a little boy. You were more sensitive (but not in a girlie way) and understood at age 5 that you wanted to give your life to the Lord. At age 11 God spoke to you at camp and placed His call upon your life for Christian ministry.

Now as you graduate from our home school you are pursuing that call as you prepare to go to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall. I could not be more proud or more grateful that God has allowed me to share these years with you. Joshua, always remember that God has a call on your life. Be obedient to Him, enjoy the journey and never lose the heart that God has given you. You are a joy and a blessing.

I love you.


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  1. This is a very nice post to read as I’m just starting to plan “curriculum” for our oldest’s pre-k year. Before I know it I’ll be writing his graduation post. I’m going to go cry now. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, proud Mama!!

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