Easy Dollar Store Fall Table Decorations

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Want a beautiful table without all the expense and extra time? These easy Dollar Store fall table decorations are perfect for the busy woman!

easy fall table from the dollar store

When my kids were younger one of the ways I taught them about money was to give them an allowance. 

Chores were expected and non-negotiable, and the allowance wasn’t attached to their behavior. They were allowed to spend money on whatever they wanted (within reason). 

I took them yardsaling with me as well as to our favorite dollar store.

Yep, you can’t go wrong at the dollar store! Even now, I still love the challenge of shopping for home decor and creating something out of inexpensive items.

Today’s table is so very simple but still pretty! I think the best tables are ones that are personal and full of love!

Easy Dollar Store Fall Table Decorations


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(I’m including links to products similar to the ones I used in case you don’t have a dollar store near you.) 

Grateful plates
Cookie sheet
12×12 scrapbook paper of your choice (this is a pretty one!)
Candle holders
Battery operated tea light candles
Mini scarecrow
Tissue paper pom poms
Mini pumpkins
White chalk paint
Golden brown wax
Mod Podge
Short sticks

Step 1. Select dollar store items that will help you pull together your table.

For this table I chose pebbles, a tall glass container, two candles, scarecrow picks, tissue paper pom poms, a cookie sheet, pumpkin accessories and fall plates. The “Grateful” salad plate is my favorite, and I went to several stores so that I could have enough for eight people!


Instead of a full size table setting I created a two-piece place setting at my ten foot island. Honestly, my kitchen table was full of stuff and this was the easiest!

Step 2. Turn the cookie sheet into a tray.

There is a step by step tutorial for this process in the video at the bottom of this post. Basically, I just used white chalk paint to paint around the edges and any flat part the scrapbook paper wouldn’t cover.

Then I sanded the edges and applied Vaseline where I didn’t want the brown wax to be so dark.

Next I applied the brown wax lightly to the tray with a cloth and then used a second cloth to remove any wax that was too dark.

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decoupaged cookie sheet for fall table

After that I simply cut the scrapbook paper to fit and attached with Mod Podge. That’s it!

Step 3. Assemble the tissue paper pom poms.

I bought both small and large ones but only ended up using the mini ones. They were on a strand and I separated them out and then fluffed them out.

orange tissue pom poms on fall table

Step 4. Add pebbles and sticks to glass container.

One package of pebbles was enough for the container. I used them to prop up the sticks for the centerpiece.

A vase filled with flowers sitting on a table

Step 5. Arrange candle holders and tea lights in opposite corners.

I love using battery operated tea light candles!

orange and green dollar store candles on fall table

Step 6. Use as many pumpkins as you like, then place tray on top of colorful place mat!

I like to pick up inexpensive place mats (both fabric and vinyl for my grandkids!) at yard sales and thrift stores.

A vase of flowers on a table

Step 7. Set out your fall plates and finish with scarecrow.

I used my rustic wood chargers underneath the plates and I love the touch of imperfect wood!

A table topped with plates of food on a plate, with Orange and Mod Podge

That’s all there is to it, my friends! Do you have a dollar store where you live?


 If you’d rather watch the video, all the details are in the short video below!

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