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Easy Candy Corn Banner (from a paper plate!)

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Want an easy Halloween or fall craft? This Candy Corn Banner is so easy and it’s made from a paper plate! Perfect for kids!

candy corn banner hung from barn wood mantel

Do you remember making crafts as a kid? I don’t have any memories of being an artistic child. I do, however, remember when my sister introduced me to cross-stitching in high school.

That was it. For YEARS I spent all my free time cross-stitching gifts for friends and family and decor for my room.

I adored looking at all the pattern books and bought way too many for my budget. But they inspired me to create beauty from the simple act of making an x on a piece of fabric.

When I had children it was a natural fit for me to do all the crafty projects with them. This was way before the days of internet access and the library was our best friend.

We began homeschooling when our oldest was seven and for 23 years arts and crafts were a fun part of our learning experience.

Somewhere along the way I discovered scrapbooking and it quickly replaced most other crafts. Combining art with journaling? Yep, sign me up!

And yes, I still spent way too much on all the pretty scrapbook paper because they inspired me with all the beautiful colors and designs.

What I’ve learned more recently is I don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to be creative. Sometimes a paper plate and paint is all I need!

barn wood mantel with candy corn banner

Easy Candy Corn Banner

If you’d rather watch a video of this project here it is!


Paper plates
Orange craft paint
Yellow craft paint
Masking tape
Artist brushes
Hole punch

Step 1. Trace a drinking glass circle with pencil in center of paper plate.

trace circle on paper plate with drinking glass

Step 2. Fold paper plate in half and divide in four sections with ruler and pencil.

fold paper plate in half for banner craft

fold paper plate in fourths

trace lines on folded paper plate with ruler and pencil

Step 3. Unfold paper plate, then paint middle circle orange. Let dry and paint outer circle yellow.

paper plate painted with orange yellow circles

Step 4. Cut paper plate into eight triangles as marked then punch two holes in each triangle and thread with length of jute.

I used a small hole punch and had to enlarge it a little bit so the jute would thread through.

punch hole in candy corn banner

I used a piece of masking tape at each end of the jute to make threading easier.

thread jute through hole in paper plate for banner

Step 6. Hang completed banner.

Table and Plate

See, I told you it was easy and just plain adorable!

Candy Corn Banner using a paper plate

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  1. What a great project to do with the little ones. They’re going to love the bright happy colors and that sense of pride when they see it hanging on Mommy’s wall.

  2. This is a sweet project, Marty. It looks great and fun to make. My daughter loved cross stitching but I could never get into it. My mom taught me to embroider and I did that for awhile, but you ate right, crafting is a lot easier today and everything you do is beautiful!

    1. You’re so sweet, Deana! I’ve actually started cross stitching again for the first time in about 25 years! But crafting is a whole lot quicker!

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