5 Ways to Save Money on Fall Decorating

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Great ideas for ways to save money on fall decorating, including tips on buying from thrift stores, using natural elements and shopping your own home!

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Have you ever wondered why people spend tons of money decorating their homes for every season and holiday of the year?

Me, too!

I have to confess when I started sharing my home on the blog here a few years ago I got caught up in the whirlwind of social media and pretty Pinterest projects. I was chasing perfection and the latest and greatest home decor styles just like everyone else.

By signing up to share my home tour with lots of well known bloggers I was hoping to gain new readers who would come see my pretty little house.

At the same time I was shoving the ugly “real life stuff” that didn’t make the photo cut into tubs and moving from room to room, sweating and complaining.

I didn’t love my home on those days.

I was critical, looking through the lens of comparison, always falling short.

The joy of my home was lost as well as the blessing of the life God had given me.


You probably never even notice I rarely do home tours anymore.

Truth is the stress of dragging fall decorations out in August just doesn’t appeal to me at this stage of my life.

But here’s the kicker: I don’t even get asked to participate.

~sad face~

I’m okay with that.


The beauty of owning my own business is my journey doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

My heart’s desire is to help YOU, my favorite people who graciously read this blog, love YOUR home and find contentment there.

When I write about my struggles to find time to decorate, learn to be creative and squeeze money out of the budget, I’m just being transparent!

So instead of some perfectly staged new photos I went back through all my fall posts to find the most inexpensive fall home decor ideas for both of us to use this year.

Here are my best tips to save money on fall decorating which don’t require you to totally throw out what you have and redecorate your home from scratch!

A kitchen with a table in a room

Orange and blue fall table decorations

Want to save money on fall decorating? Try these tips!

  • Use what you already own in a new way and think outside the box!
  • Bring in natural elements.
  • Shop thrift stores and yard sales.
  • Purchase wisely using coupons and sales.
  • Remember less is more.

5 Ways to Save Money on Fall Decorating

If you’d rather watch a video here it is!

1. Use what you already own in a new way and think outside the box.

I store my out of season home decor in the attic but sometimes all it takes is a walk around my house to repurpose some goodies for the next season.

You CAN have a beautiful home without spending a lot of money OR time. Celebrate fall with these cheap and easy fall decorations for your home!

Easy fall decorating ideas for under $10

You CAN have a beautiful home without spending a lot of money OR time. Celebrate fall with these cheap and easy fall decorations for your home!

These white candle holders have been used to hold everything from burlap wrapped candlesValentine decorations to candles at my daughter’s wedding.

What could be simpler than mini pumpkins for these spray painted holders?

Money and Shopping

Easy fall decorating tips

One of my favorite tricks for repurposing old candles is to wrap them in fabric and pin in place with decorative brads. (Whatever you do, DON’T LIGHT THEM!)

A bowl of food on a table, with Money and Idea

This 3-tiered stand is perfect for any season and here I mixed in both real and artificial pumpkins, gourds and greenery.

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

3 tiered stand

Are these pumpkins real or fake? You’ll have to check out this oh so easy craft project to find out!

Money and Shopping

Painted pumpkin craft

Burlap wreaths have been the rage for a while now but how about adding a couple of items from the dollar store for a brand new seasonal greeting for your front door?

Money and Idea

5 minute dollar store burlap wreath

2. Bring in natural elements.

What could be easier and cheaper than going outside and bringing in free ingredients from nature? Whether that’s pinecones, branches, leaves, acorns or whatever is native to your area of the world, take a walk and discover the beauty that’s right outside your door!

Home and Money

Decorating Tips and Hacks
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Featured Image

A thrifted picnic basket, a bit of burlap with pine cones and mini pumpkins make an easy table arrangement.

You CAN have a beautiful home without spending a lot of money OR time. Celebrate fall with these cheap and easy fall decorations for your home!

Most of the time we’re just limited by our imagination and this pinecone door hanger is an example of thinking outside the box. So simple but so unique!

Money and Shopping

Pinecone door arrangement

Still one of my favorite projects, this rustic log candle holder gets used for different seasons in my home. Whether it stands alone in a vignette or decorated as a centerpiece like below, it lends a rustic touch to the any season. 

A cake with fruit on top of a table

Log candle holder

3. Shop thrift stores and yard sales.

Y’all know this is my favorite thing to do! This large mason jar was a $1 yard sale find and is filled with balls of yarn, pine cones and acorns. 

Money and Shopping

Fall decorating ideas and home tour

Here the oversized jar is used again as part of a fall vignette. So simple AND thrifty!

 A living room filled with furniture and vase on a table

Easy fall vignette

Believe it or not, I found the flowers and grapevine wreath at a yard sale and put them together with these wooden blocks for an adorable front door arrangement.

A close up of a door

Front door wreath

Although I’m not much of a wreath maker, I did create this fabric rag wreath with some old clothes, burlap and a wire coat hanger. Totally doable!

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

DIY fabric rag wreath

4. Purchase wisely using coupons and sales.

It’s probably not possible to buy all your home decor and accessories without shopping at least a few “real” stores. But when you do, arm yourself with coupons and know when to buy!

I would include the dollar store as a favorite place to pickup a few fall items. This table setting and centerpiece was a total dollar store score!

A vase of flowers on a table

Easy dollar store fall table decorations

Most craft stores offer weekly coupons and carry a lot of seasonal decor items. Also purchase end of season items at drastically reduced prices and save for the following year.

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

Fall decorating ideas for under $10

I like to mix in my own china with dollar store seasonal glasses or plates for a beautiful fall table. These inexpensive lanterns came from Big Lots and I use them everywhere in my home!

A plate of food on a table, with Money and Shopping

Rustic fall table (and pumpkin bread recipe!)

5. Remember less is more.

I’m a gal who loves decorating for the seasons but somehow I’m discovering the gift of the “less is more” philosophy.

Well placed accessories with a purpose look better than lots of little knick knacks stuck everywhere “just because.”

A living room

Y’all, that little tip has been a long time coming for me. In the past I loved collecting everything from teapots, to miniature teasets, to my Christmas village display

But I’m here to tell you letting go of much of the “stuff” is freeing.

This easy candy corn banner I made out of paper plates is simple yet perfect for the season.


Easy candy corn banner

Adding a free chalkboard printable to a frame or using it as a guide like I did is so simple!


Free chalkboard printable

Celebrating the seasons should bring us joy, not weigh us down with one more responsibility for the to do list. 

As you decide how to save money on fall decorating remember your time is valuable as well. 

Happy fall y’all!

Made from leftover wood, these DIY rustic fence board pumpkins are fun, inexpensive and easy to complete with spray paint and vinyl letters.

DIY rustic fence board pumpkins

Home Decor Sources: 

I realize that not everyone has the time to implement all these strategies! To be helpful I searched for some alternative home decor “look alike’s” to help you with your shopping! 

Sunflower and pumpkin swag
Farmhouse fall wreaths
Burlap table runner
Rustic lantern
Fall pillow covers

Decorating Tips and Hacks
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  1. Such valyuable tips, especially with what’s happening around us right now. Thank you Marty. I’m off to dig through my crafty stash and home to see what I have

  2. Your one suggestion really spoke to me. I need to remember that less is more! Not only does it look better but it’s less stressful to put out less (and then put it away)

  3. My kind of projects, I love using items I have at home it is like a challenge to me. I love fall decorations unfortunately we down celebrate fall here in Australia.

  4. It’s always fun to see what you are up to. Especially your creative and inexpensive way to decorate your home on a budget. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  5. I love your simple decorating ideas and your wonderful perspective on home and family! I live near Greensboro, and I’m definitely looking forward to Fall after the hot summer we’re having. I plan on keeping the decorations especially simple this year since any entertaining we do will be in the backyard. Thanks for the good ideas!

    1. Hi, Jeanine. You totally understand the hot summer! I’m hoping fall will be cool and soon! We haven’t entertained either except to have our kids and grandkids over. Such a hard time for us all!

  6. I love that fall Ya’ll pumpkin sign. I’m going to work on that tomorrow. Thanks Marty, great ideas.

  7. No fall stuff this year and much less Christmas stuff last year but focus was on people not stuff. The decorations of past years is happily stored in plastic containers in the basement! Maybe some day but not now. Since my stroke I can’t get to the basement to carry upstairs all the stuff. Poor husband spends much of his day taking care of me. I am so blessed and thankful for him that I don’t want him to have to decorate for me and take him away from devotional time and reading books of our heritage of spiritual giants. I love your honest and encouraging blogs.

    1. Hi, Kathie. I’m so sorry for your stroke, but you have the right attitude. Focusing on people and not the stuff is how we should be, regardless of our health. What a wonderful husband you have! Thanks so much for reading and I’m so glad it’s an encouragement for you!

  8. Marty, thanks so much for “keeping it real”. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and finding new ways to repurpose/reuse and thinking outside of the box. I subscribe to many blogs, all of which I enjoy, for me it is especially the tablescaping ideas, but I often find that the decoration and dishes used for each new season are very costly to purchase and then you have to have the space to store anything out of season. I find I can easily relate to your blog/ideas as there are so many of us who live in what may not be a large home but regardless is a very much loved home and this you can see if every post you do! Keep up the great work and stay safe as Hurricane Florence moves in closer to you.

    1. Hi, Kathryn! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m so glad you found some new inspiration. I definitely can relate to needing to use the space you have and the things you already own. Learning to love the home you’ve been given and practice contentment is such a part of the fabric of my heart. Thanks for the well wishes with the hurricane. We came out unscathed and we’re so grateful! Our neighbors to the east didn’t fare so well. Blessings to you!

  9. Beautiful ideas and great insight! So hard not to compare ourselves to others when decorating our homes but instead to be thankful and blessed with what we have is so freeing! Thank you again for sharing not only your great ideas but your heart as well. Your blog is such an inspiration to me!

    1. Hi, Mitra. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I have to remember to take my own words to heart as I’ve been sick and haven’t decorated one single space for fall! Hope you’re doing well, friend!