Decorate with Old Maps

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A painting hanging on a wall

I am loving adding some new touches to our home. As always, I was inspired by Pinterest (how did I ever live without it?) and determined I wanted to decorate with old maps. While I was out  yardsaling I found two maps for $1 each. This is the one I chose, but I also have a little project in mind for the second one.


I got an old frame from the attic (I have several stored since I used them at my daughter’s wedding). This actual frame had a print inside but I took it out (and broke the glass doing it. Grrrrr.) I decided I was going to save the cardboard backing and use the frame anyway!

A wooden bench sitting on the side of a building

I sanded the frame but didn’t worry about being consistent or perfect (which is good because this is usually my husband’s area of expertise.)

A wooden bench

I used a wood finish (yes, it’s probably way old but that’s okay) and applied a coat and waited a while to let it dry. I did this outside so it dried overnight. I then gave it a second coat the next day.

Map and Project

The stain fills in the grooves of the frame and gives it a shabby chic look that I love with just a tad of the original gold shining through.

A painting in a frame hanging on a wall

Here’s the finished project! I’m not sure if I’d like it in glass or not. Kinda think it looks less formal without it.

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A painting hanging on a wall

I have never been good at arranging knick knacks but I’m getting a feel for combining the the things I love. The basket below blends with the decor and contains photo albums I’ve made. I love having them out where we can look at them often.

A painting hanging on a wall

This project goes perfectly with our pallet shelf and window table. I need to distress the chest next to the couch (it’s fairly distressed on its own. It belonged to my husband when he was a child.)

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Just a small project that updates our living room while still using touches that I love.


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Decorating Tips and Hacks
Get my FREE guide: How to decorate your home for practically nothing!
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  2. Wow – I love the frame transformation! And you’ve inspired me to tackle the one-and-only blank wall I have in my house with the PILE of old maps I have. Thanks!