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Home Decor with Wood Pallet Ideas

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We have lived in our home for 21 years, and it has undergone many transformations, mostly with a little paint and some used furniture replacing even older furniture. Nothing in our house would be described as “fine furnishings.” Recently, however, we began to fix some things in our home that have desperately needed replacing for many years: siding on the outside of the house; a new roof (thanks to an insurance claim): a new stove and refrigerator (it died while we were on vacation); Pergo flooring for the back of the house (replacing 20-year-old carpet, which endured through 5 kids and untold animals); lots of new paint colors and some dreaming of new rooms.

I’m embarrassed to say that we had these curtains made 21 years ago when we moved into our house! They were the anchor of our living room for many years. We had no furniture all those years ago but Tim bartered some painting for a friend to make these curtains. They were certainly durable! Yes, it was time for a change in decor!

Pallet and Husband

This is the latest couch we had (from my parents’ home when they moved into the nursing home). Certainly durable again but not really our style.

Home and Pallet
Here Tim is changing the color from burgundy to a sage green.
A person standing in a room
A book sitting on top of a bookshelf

Much of a difference? Wow!

A room with a book shelf

My inspiration for these wood pallet ideas, of course, is from Pinterest. As usual, my DIY hubby is charged with implementing my ideas! If you keep your eyes open you can find pallets on the side of the road, usually set out for trash pickup.

With this kind of decorating, the more imperfections the better! My husband did nothing to prepare or finish out the wood. What you see is what you get!

Pallet and Window
A man standing in front of a curtain
And here is the finished product!

A clock on a shelf
My pallet shelves are filled with things I love and that have personal meaning to me. 
On the shelf is a special small scrapbook album that I made my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. Now it holds a special place among my treasures.
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
I wish I could say I had the gift for placing knick knacks just so but I can’t. My daughter went shopping around our house and gathered most of the items for the shelves. Then I played with them, moving them around until they felt just right.
I am so pleased with how everything turned out! It feels new and improved yet vintage and unique.

Who are these strange people on our walls? They are actually my great grandmother and grandfather.

A close up of a clock
I love the vintage look of the frames.
This bride and groom is from my mom and dad’s wedding cake.
A statue of a person
These lipstick holders are from my grandmother.
Pallet and Time
Thank you for sharing our latest home update with us! I have no qualifications as a decorator but what I’ve learned is to spend time discovering what you love and then experiment! You can’t go wrong using items that make you happy.
Want to see how the pallet shelves look with my husband’s amazing window table in our living room? Or his repurposed table made of fence posts? He even made me a centerpiece out of fence slats! Would love to know what you think.

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