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Changing Table Turned DIY Garden Cart

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A chair sitting in front of a wooden table

When my DIY hubby and I started dreaming about a deck on the front of our house I immediately started pinning pictures to help me determine my style.

Surprise, surprise, my pins led me to conclude that the outside is just an extension of the inside!

Because after all, it’s really just an outdoor room, isn’t it?

Even though the deck was finished in May it took me a few weeks to fill it with treasures.

One of my first yard sale finds? This unassuming wood changing table for $15. 

A dining room table

Here’s my clever hubby to give you all the details on our inexpensive DIY garden cart.

From Tim:  

When the Chief says “unassuming” the term is stretched when used to describe this changing table…it is a BEAST! The Hummer of the changing table world. Everything white is metal and very heavy, so it was a perfect candidate for a makeover. To go from its former life to a gardener’s cart just meant the addition of my old stand by – repurposed fence board slats. The three shelves were a very economical pressboard and needed to be beefed-up for our use.

A close up of a picnic table

I removed each shelf one at a time and cut the fence slats to the same length. Rather than rip one board its length to make up the last little difference (if the slats were all pushed together), I just spaced them out evenly.

A wooden bench sitting in the grass

These slats would then be attached to the top of the shelf, but from underneath. The original shelves were too thin to get a screw to “bite” if screwing from the top down into them. The solution was to flip them over and screw through the original shelf up into the slats. Good bite and hidden screws!

A wooden bench

This picture shows the changing table flipped upside down. The support structure would be ideal for me to re-attach each shelf, screwing up through the bracing and back into the shelf and slats.

A chair sitting in front of a fence

Nothing fancy in putting a couple screws at each end and two more sets evenly spaced down the length of the slat. 

Table and Cart

The shelves were then attached to the bracing and the unit flipped back over. Done! I also removed the two curved side pieces, primed and painted them white and re-attached. Ready for display. 

From Marty: I just love every single thing about this little nook! It means more to me because we spent very little money and scavenged lots of the decor from the curb or repurposed items from inside our home.

A chair sitting in front of a building

Here are all the details on my experience with a jackhammer and our dream deck reveal.

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  2. Love it! Love the DIY projects. Hang in there as far as the job problems. I would like to be able to say this will be rare in your life. My experience is that there is always something to keep you thrown off guard. Keep praying (as I will too) and something good will come along. My husband was laid off in the 2008-2009 mess we were in (in this country). At his age he was sure he wouldn’t find anything. He had a lot of education and credits sitting there doing nothing so he went back to school and finished his degree. He now has a good job with the state. He has made more money other places but this is good schedule and steady so we are grateful for it. I hope he finds something soon and you are able to relax a little.

    1. Hi, Jane. Thanks for sharing your husband’s story. Mine did exactly the same thing. He had never finished college so he went back and finished online about 3 years ago. So far the degree hasn’t been necessary for any job but there’s definitely a sense of satisfaction to having completed something he started years ago! Thank you for your encouragement and for reading my blog! Blessings to you today!

  3. I am doing this over the weekend! Love how you did yours. I will be using marble contact paper however, instead of the vinyl for the shelves

  4. Wow ! Really what is the difference, this looks a lot better put together than most bar carts I’ve seen. Great outcome tfs

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