Easy Spring Banner from Scrapbook Paper

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Want to decorate for the season without spending a lot of time or money? This easy spring banner from scrapbook paper can be done in minutes and costs pennies!


Pinterest is a lie.

There, I said it.

And as one whose business often relies on Pinterest traffic, that statement is like the nail in the coffin.

But if you know me, transparency is what I do best.

It’s my calling.

So here’s my harsh reality right now.

Sometimes it’s hard enough to do real life, much less think about decorating your home.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I get it. Oh, how I get it.

I have a lot of blogger friends with beautiful, put together homes.

They’re nice people, smart business women and ladies I enjoy being around.

But they’re not me and haven’t lived my life.

My friends, these past few years have been a struggle, with health issues for both my husband and I causing discouragement.

The details don’t even matter, but I think you can probably relate.

Then there are the everyday marriage struggles, financial woes and figuring out this new stage in our lives.

I’m supposed to write about creating a treasured home (even when you don’t feel creative!) and some days I don’t want to write, create or treasure it!

A group of people in a room

It’s not all doom and gloom but some days are a battle.

Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. (I John 4:4)

So I get up and do the hard stuff.

I love my husband and family through his surgeries and mine, his wounded heart and my pain.

We design an amazing kitchen (check out our amazing renovation here) and farmhouse bathroom, do DIY projects and life together, one baby step at a time.

Because that’s what heals you. Creating beauty and working through the hard one day at a time. 

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

I’d like to tell you putting together this project made all sorts of chills run up and down my spine but that’s just silly.

However, I spent less than half an hour making this easy spring banner and IT MADE ME HAPPY.

I love the colors, the texture, the fact that I was doing SOMETHING, anything other than focusing on the negatives in my life.

Friends, we are more than our circumstances. Our feelings want to tell us differently but we are strong enough to tell our feelings to go take a hike.

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We CAN create a beautiful home that we’re proud of, a place where love lives.

A fire place sitting in a chair next to a fireplace

Before I share the instructions let me tell you how easy the mantel was to pull together. Y’all know I love using old windows as a focal point (see my Christmas, winter and Valentine’s mantel) but this time I wanted something a little different.

This framed spring picture has a special meaning for me but I’ve never used it in my home. My sister lived in Japan in her early 20’s and spent many hours embroidering. She gave this picture to my mom and dad and when my parents passed away I couldn’t bear to part with it even though it doesn’t go with my decor.

A decorated christmas tree in a room

My sister also passed away in 2000 so this is a beautiful reminder of her creativity and skill. On a side note, she would have LOVED my blog! We used to yard sale together and she painted furniture before it was the cool thing to do!

The rest of the mantel consists of pint mason jars (I used them originally for a Seven Layer Mexican Dip) with dollar store flowers, 

A painting hanging on a wall

dollar store vases and rocks from last month’s mantel and some sticks!

A vase of flowers on a table

I didn’t spend a penny because I already had everything on hand. Repurposing at its finest!

Easy Spring Banner

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5 sheets of 12×12 Scrapbook Paper (any with card stock weight will do)
Self Healing Rotary Mat
Metal Ruler
Utility Knife
Hole Punch

Banner and Spring

Turn the scrapbook paper to the blank side and make a mark at 6 inches.


On the direct opposite side make a mark at 3 and 9 inches

Banner and Spring

Draw the lines as pictured below, giving you two pennants out of one sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper. 

A close up of a logo

Using the straight edged ruler as a guide, press firmly onto the self healing mat, cutting the paper along the pencil lines with the utility knife. (You can also just use scissors!)

Banner and Spring

Punch a hole in each end of the long side of the pennant and run string through the back.

A close up of a piece of paper

Hang and enjoy!

Surface chart

Yes, sometimes unhappy, struggling people live in our homes, too, and sometimes it might even be us!

I just also happen to believe creating something beautiful can help us recapture joy and hope in our home and lives.

I’d love if you’d share this easy spring banner with someone who needs a SIMPLE project for their home and encouragement for their life!


Decorating Tips and Hacks
Get my FREE guide: How to decorate your home for practically nothing!
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    1. I love scrapbook paper so much! I’m not scrapping and haven’t for about 6 years but one day I hope to get back to it. Love finding ways to use it though!

  1. Beautiful banner! So may people can relate to this post Marty and will appreciate the encouragement! I find DIY better than therapy. It can transport you away from the daily stresses if only just for a while.

    BTW, I think your sister’s Spring picture is lovely with your decor 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sara! I actually gave my sister’s pic to one of my daughters when I moved into my small cottage. It makes me feel good that it’s still being used!

  2. Thank you for being raw, open, and honest in a world of people who pretend everything is okay. Really, it’s usually never okay ALL the time. I know that being vulnerable can be scary, but I believe that when we are vulnerable is when God can use us the best. It’s the rawness that people can identify with, I think. Thank you for being you, and for allowing God to use you.

    1. Hi, Mimi. Thank you so very much for the encouragement! I believe I’m called to be as transparent as possible without harming relationships that I value. It’s a fine line but God is blessing it!

  3. The picture is beautiful and a sweet treasure. even if you store for most of the year and only bring it our for Spring and summer décor it is worth keeping it.

    1. Hi, Mandy. I feel the same way about the picture. It just has such sentimental value. I actually have a couple other ones my sister cross stitched as well and I use them at times. Sometimes I’ll paint the frames or mats so they’ll go better with my decor now. Thanks for commenting and have a great day!

  4. Thank you, Marty, for your frank and helpful (make that VERY helpful) post tonight! Yup, that’s where we are, too. In a boat that is lurching about, right next to yours. God is always good. And only sends good gifts. But right now our “gifts” have left us depleted, ragged, scrappy. But we are pressing on. Your post is so good that I am going to print it off, and keep it near to remind me that you are also there struggling along, creating beauty despite your mood being down around your ankles. If you can do it, I can do it! And to remind me of the very special wisdom you’ve spoken, and how it heals. I need that as I strain to return to my art and crafting, and trying to outfit a brand new house that we have built and struggle to finish. Will pray for you, please pray for me. P.S. I have also lost sister (2001) and other loved ones – I am the last left of my family of origin. But I have children and grandchildren, God has blessed us. We are never alone, with Him there to comfort and steady us, in any circumstances. Yes! (Peace be to you, and Thanks for the ear.)

    1. Hi, Carol. I’m so glad you replied to my post. YOU encouraged me! It is hard when you’ve lost loved ones and your new home just doesn’t “feel” as loved as you thought it would. I totally understand that. But you do have reason to rejoice and like our pastor says, we have to do the right thing and our feelings will follow! As women, that’s often hard to do but you and I can both try together! I’m praying for you today and am blessed that you read my blog. Have a wonderful day! Marty