Cheers: Christmas Scrapbooking Layout

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I went scrapbooking at a nearby youth camp recently. This time it was just three of us, old homeschool mom friends. Well, we’re not old and they have graduated all their kids. But you get the idea.

I didn’t accomplish a lot but I did want to share this adorable (if I do say so myself) layout I did. It was so easy and the papers and pictures came together perfectly.


You can’t get much more simple than this, and I know I used one of the sketch books I have for the picture placement.

These are my two youngest kids, and as you can tell they were a riot when they were younger. Kinda like two old married people.

Scrapbooking Christmas layout with young kids in Santa's hats

Hope you like it. Any fellow scrappers out there? I’m a big Project Lifer, but I do still enjoy creating layouts for my individual albums. My scrapbook room is my happy place where I create and store and make a mess.

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  1. You are right, absolutely adorable!!! How could it be otherwise, with those two precious ones in it??

    1. Sandra, you are so encouraging to me, especially today as I received some vicious comments on some posts about adoption. My goal is to be encouraging as well and point others to Christ through transparency, and sometimes the anger in others shows through in their comments. Thanks so much for your words today.