25th Wedding Anniversary Photo Booth

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Celebrate a milestone wedding celebration with a 25th wedding anniversary photo booth! Ideas include backdrop, props and ways to include family and friends.
A group of people posing for a photo
Reaching 25 years of wedded bliss should be celebrated and applauded.
Ok, if we’re being honest you don’t reach 25 years without a lot more normal everyday struggles than actual bliss, but staying committed to the one you began the journey is definitely something to be celebrated.
My husband, daughter and niece managed to pull off a super secret surprise vow renewal service on me, the one who is NEVER surprised.
One of my most favorite parts of our Valentine’s Day Wedding Anniversary celebration was the 25th anniversary photo booth idea.
Since I’m the scrapbooker/blogger/family historian for my family I absolutely love the fun side it brought out in my family and friends.

All that was needed was a sheet (for the backdrop), some twinkling Christmas lights, a picture frame and a few props.

Anniversary and Wedding

All sorts of poses and people, with my brother and his sons letting loose their fun side.
A person holding a pair of people posing for the camera
Boys will be boys, no matter their age!
Anniversary and Idea

Smiles for the man who has given me 25 years of laughter. 

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A couple of people posing for the camera

 The props were so simple and yet so creative and awesome!
A group of people posing for the camera
The co-conspirators here (my niece and daughter).
A pair of people posing for the camera
They love me, they do.
A group of people posing for the camera
This is a typical family portrait. Just a little bit “off.”
A group of people posing for a photo
Spreading the love.
A group of people around each other

Think this should be our Christmas card?

A group of people posing for a photo

Need any more ideas? You can also read more about my 25th Wedding Anniversary surprise, the decorations that were used and how we celebrated on Valentine’s Day. It was one of the best nights of my life!
Please visit jlydesigns and see some of my niece Jennifer’s photography/brand work. She and my daughter Rachel were the masterminds behind the design for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Decorating Tips and Hacks
Get my FREE guide: How to decorate your home for practically nothing!
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  1. Saw this on Pinterest and LOVE the idea. Thinking about doing something similar for my mom’s 60th! Did you hire or photographer to take the actual pictures at the booth? We are on a budget, so trying to brainstorm how to handle that…

    1. Hi, Jacqueline. We did not hire a photographer. A friend just too pics with a fairly decent camera. I would recommend checking the lighting ahead of time to see if there’s anything that needs to be changed and added. Good luck with the party!

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  3. I don’t know how I missed this before. We were thinking of doing a photo booth for my SIL’s 40th and I love your backdrop idea!

    1. Hi, Shannon. Thanks for visiting Marty’s Musings and leaving me nice comments. I love comments! You can tell I love Valentine’s Day and I hope you are able to do a photo booth. It was a ton of fun (especially since I didn’t have to do anything for it!) and I love the pictures and memories we made.
      Have a blessed day!

  4. This is really just soo much fun!!! We did the same thing at our wedding too and it was a hit:) You can get some pretty hilarious picture from the photo booth!!!!