When a Heart Breaks

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When a Heart Breaks - Marty's Musings

There are joyous seasons in life, days filled with sweetness and precious memories, almost to the point of taking my breath away.

Then the seasons of grief arrive, days filled with inconsolable heartbreak, crushing the wind from my lungs.

Blessedly I’ve known both seasons and every one in between.

Ordinary days full of diapers and messes, schoolwork and piano lessons, basketball games and unending questions.

Today is one filled with love and loss, family and suffering.

A couple of weeks ago I shared how my husband’s brother suffered sudden cardiac arrest and was critically ill. Tim flew down to Florida to be with the family that first week. 

Our Family Needs Your Prayers - Marty's Musings

Despite heroic efforts by the doctors, fervent prayers by people we will never know, and Todd being surrounded in love, the news is deafening.

Todd passed away this afternoon.

I will be transparent as I tell you we are in a time of deep sorrow

Our grief for his wife Linda and daughters Halie and Madison is overwhelming.

When a Heart Breaks - Marty's Musings

There really are no words.

Todd lived life to the fullest, with much laughter and a crazy sense of humor.

As I listened to my husband interact with our daughter and grandson this past week an ocean of tears caught in my throat at the realization that I will never hear Todd and Tim crack a joke at each other’s expense, their humor and mannerisms so similar and infectious.

I will forever remember him from our last visit together at Christmas 2013 with this family picture. In the midst of the silly Tim and Todd were doing their own thing like brothers should.

When a Heart Breaks - Marty's Musings

He was not perfect but there was no mistaking where you stood with him.

Todd was all in.

He wasn’t halfway or indecisive. He loved you and you knew it. That’s all that mattered.

Tonight our heart breaks at this loss and we embrace the family and faithful friends that surrounded him.

God has welcomed Todd home.

Psalm 30:5 tells us, “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” 

Please pray  for our family as we rejoice at Todd’s homegoing and weep at our earthly loss.

This earth is not our home.

When a Heart Breaks performed by Psalm 100.

When A Heart Breaks

Woke up this morning
And I heard the news
I know the pain of a heartbreak
I don’t have answers
And neither do you
I know the pain of a heartbreak

This isn’t easy
This isn’t clear
And you don’t need Jesus
Til you’re here
Then confusion and the doubts you had
Up and walk away
They walk away
When a heart breaks

I heard the doctor
But what did he say
I knew I was fine about this time yesterday
I don’t need answers
I just need some peace
I just need someone who could help me get some sleep
Who could help me get some sleep

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  1. Sending condolences to your family in your grief…As it approaches, may you be especially comforted and strengthened by the promises contained in the Easter gospel.

  2. So very sad. Like everyone else, I am so sorry for the loss to this family, both his wife and daughters as well as to your husband, you and everyone else. Sending prayers your way. God bless.

  3. My heart goes out especially to his wife , daughters and extended family. God has promised to never leave us or forsake us.
    He has proven it over and over again for our family after losing my husband. Also, grief is a personal journey and process for each individual person.
    Love, hugs and prayers.

  4. So very very sorry for your loss. God will see you through and give you strength.
    Big cyber {{{hug}}} coming your way.

  5. Prayers to you and your family. I’ve lost those near and dear to me so your post was particularly close to my heart. One day all is right with the world and then suddenly, you’re walking around thinking ” how can life just go on for everyone else! Look at what’s happened to us world!” Bless you all and God’s love to you all ❤️

  6. Hugs and prayers going out to you and your family. I remember when you first posted about his heart attack, a couple weeks ago. I prayed back then. I know that God will still be glorified in the midst of this sorrow and grief.

  7. Oh so sorry for the whole family – I will definitely keep you/family in my thoughts & prayers

  8. I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. He looked like a really nice guy, fun to be around. I will keep you all in my prayers Marty. Praying that you find peace. .

  9. I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. He looked like a really nice guy, fun to be around. I will keep you all in my prayers Marty. Praying that you find peace.

  10. You have written well the story of love and family. The Savior loves Todd and has received him – he is home. We will all be there soon.

  11. Todd was an amazing man. He will be greatly missed. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Oh, I am so sorry for the entire family. Most of all the girls since I lost my mom as a teen I can relate. Continued PRAYERS for everyone!!!

  13. marty,
    Your post brought me to tears. May our Loving Father provide for your family the strength and peace that is needed during this time of such deep sorrow

  14. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Marty. Sounds like you have the right perspective but that doesn’t make it any easier.