4th of July Patriotic Tablescape

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If you’re anything like me you probably enjoy gazing at the beautiful pictures on Pinterest……until you get depressed because all the projects look amazing and impossible to recreate.

You tell yourself you could never do that!

“That” being a craft, project or anything requiring lots of expertise or money.

I feel the exact same way so I thought maybe you’d like to see the few tricks that I use in creating a beautiful 4th of July patriotic tablescape without a lot of time or money!

I literally threw this table together in about 30 minutes and, per my usual, shopped my house and attic (as well as the dollar store) for supplies.

A table topped with plates of food on a plate, with Idea

I almost always start with linens first. I knew I wanted to be totally uncreative and use red white and blue! The tablecloth and cloth napkins were from a yard sale and were making their appearance for the first time.

A table topped with a blue background

I love the edging along the napkins which are tied together with a bit of tulle and ribbon (one of my favorite napkin ring ideas).

I wanted some bright plastic plates and bowls to use outside this summer so I bought a few at the dollar store to mix and match. I’m going to head back to buy some more because they are durable and such fun to use for outdoor entertaining.

A plate of food on a table, with Shop and Bag

This wooden America sign was purchased on sale after the season a few years ago and will make its way back into the house once it’s done decorating the table.

A table with a birthday cake

For the centerpiece I just grabbed a few painted mason jars and stuck (the technical term) a napkin and a mini flag inside one.

A cup of coffee sitting on top of a picnic table, with Napkin and Jar

The vases and metal candle holders were a quarter each at a yard sale. I know. I’m a big spender!

A glass of beer on a table, with Idea

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My children all went to a weekly Bible study during their growing up years that was led in the home of a godly couple from one of our churches. Mrs. Robinson always loved holidays and birthdays and showered the kids with gifts all throughout the year. This little glass was from the dollar store and filled with a piece of a pool noodle and silk flowers. I think it’s so cute and brings fond memories of this wonderful lady each year when I bring it out.

Two years ago I cut out these stars with my Cricut Expression and saved them in a little baggie to use again for a little sparkle and fun.

A vase of flowers on a table

I only had a couple of these adorable insulated plastic mason jars so I grabbed a two more glass ones for beverages and mixed them together.

A glass with a blue bottle, with Napkin and Jar

What are my easy tips for creating a beautiful (and easy!)?

  • Decide on a color scheme, beginning with linens.
  • Shop your house and storage for items that can be reused and repurposed.
  • For inexpensive dinnerware check out your local dollar store.
  • Shop the clearance sections of your favorite stores, especially at the end of a season.
  • Mix and match supplies.

A plate of birthday cake on a table, with Blue and Craft

That’s it! I’d love to know your favorite tips for entertaining. Do you use disposable supplies (perfectly acceptable!) or do you just throw a few things together and hope that it turns out (like I do!)

I’m all about easy and inexpensive so here are a few more ideas for you!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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Get my FREE guide: How to decorate your home for practically nothing!
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  1. That is such a cute table scape! I love the candle with things under it! I also like the pool noodle idea! So clever! Thanks for great tips!

  2. Your tablescape is so pretty – love all the red, white, and blue pieces. I never seem to be able to get to set a table for any holiday. Thank you for sharing your with Share It One MOre Time. Cathy