Blue Frozen Hawaiian Punch Recipe

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This simple recipe for blue frozen Hawaiian punch is a hit whether you’re throwing a Disney Frozen party for your kids, celebrating a birthday, wedding, or baby shower.

If you love throwing a birthday party or gathering with friends, this is the perfect (and easiest!) cold blue party punch recipe for kids and adults alike! We all need a recipe that never fails to please guests and everyone begs for the recipe! Think outside the box and this might be your favorite recipe for the Fourth of July or other patriotic days.

I served it at an Elephant Themed Baby Shower for my first grandson to be.

My daughter Rachel is due in January. You may remember Rachel’s gender reveal party where we decorated with aqua and hot pink using supplies from the dollar store and my craft supplies.

Baby Gender Reveal Party tables set up with bright colored tablecloths

Yes, our first grandchild, Aiden James, is set to arrive soon and we are about to burst with excitement!

For Rachel’s baby shower I simply reused the blue decorations, including the chalkboard banner, rearranging everything to work inside my home.

dining room table with blue party decorations hanging over table

***Edited to note: I served this punch for my daughter’s SECOND baby shower as well! Her family and my house have changed a lot (thus the new pictures!) in these three years but the blue frozen punch is still delicious!


An empty bottle on a counter
  • container of blue Hawaiian punch
  • 7-up or ginger ale, Sprite, etc.
  • pineapple juice
  • vanilla ice cream, optional

See the recipe card for quantities.


  • Freeze blue punch in ice cube trays if desired.
Blue Hawaiian Punch poured into ice cube tray
  • Pour bottle of blue Hawaiian Punch into punch bowl or other container.
Blue Hawaiian Punch poured into punch dispenser
  • Add Ginger Ale to mixture
Pineapple juice added to blue party punch
  • Add 16 ounces pineapple juice.
Ginger ale added to blue party punch
  • Stir all ingredients and add ice cubes if desired.
Blue ice cubes added to blue frozen punch
  • If using vanilla ice cream, add a few scoops right before serving.
Vanilla ice cream scoops in blue frozen punch
Punch and Party


You can always change the color of Hawaiian Punch (red is a favorite for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.) Feel free to use a different juice such as orange juice in this easy recipe. Any clear soda will do, such as Ginger Ale, Sprite, or even add a splash of Cranberry Sprite during the holiday season.


Since I love ice cream, adding the vanilla was a no-brainer! This would be perfect for a party celebrating Disney’s Frozen movie! As the ice cream melts the drink becomes more like a combination of a slushy and milk shake. Divine! Kids of all ages will adore it!

Make sure and add the ice cream right before serving so it doesn’t melt too much. The scoops look like puffs of snow! This would be a lot of fun to serve the kids as a special treat on a hot day in summer!

Glass punch bowl with blue frozen punch and vanilla ice cream

I’m not a drinker but I’m sure you could make this a blue Hawaiian cocktail recipe and add vodka, rum or another liqueur for a scrumptious taste to spice up your party. Garnishes can include maraschino cherries on top and you’ll have a winner! Add a spritz of lime juice or cream of coconut for a unique flavor.

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If you need a large beverage container this one has the removable ice cone in the middle. It’s one of my favorite ways to serve punch.

Or maybe a large punch bowl is more your style. This glass one also comes with 8 glasses, perfect for a luncheon or party!


The punch stays colder if you refrigerate the ingredients the night before. If you have leftovers simply pour back into the plastic containers and refrigerate!

Can you use this punch for any type of event?

I love the fact that this punch recipe is so easy and can be made at the last minute. Perfect for school parties and busy days celebrating a child’s birthday. Think along the tropics with your party decorations and food.

Top tips

The more pineapple juice you add the less teal color the punch will have. If you want it very blue just leave out the pineapple juice!

The prep time for this easy recipe is minimum and will give you plenty of time with your guests!

Blue Frozen Hawaiian Punch Printable Recipe + Video

A glass with a blue cup, with Party and Punch

Blue Frozen Punch

This simple recipe for blue frozen punch is a hit whether you’re throwing a Disney Frozen party for your kids, celebrating a birthday, wedding, or baby shower.
Course Beverage
Cuisine American
Calories 2673kcal
Author Marty’s Musings


  • 1 gallon container of blue Hawaiian punch
  • 1 2-liter of 7-up or ginger ale, Sprite, etc.
  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • ½ gallon vanilla ice cream (optional)


  • Mix together all ingredients in a punch bowl or dispenser.
  • Serve cold with ice cubes.
  • If desired add scoops of vanilla ice cream.



A variation of this recipe for a children’s Frozen party is to add scoops of vanilla ice cream for snow. The punch is delicious with ice cream in it!
I actually used Sprite Cranberry because my daughter was craving it!
The more pineapple juice you add the less teal color the punch will have. If you want it very blue just leave out the pineapple juice.
We froze some Hawaiian punch in ice cube trays the day before to help keep the punch cold. You can also refrigerate the ingredients in their original containers before serving.

I love to entertain and have recently celebrated everything from my husband’s graduation from college to my 16-year-old’s sweet 16 party, in addition to the baby gender reveal party.

blue frozen punch pin collage with text overlay


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  1. I want to make a blue champagne punch and I have a question about using the blue frozen punch. Could I add Champaign to that punch.

  2. Hi Marty!

    When I found your recipe for this blue frozen punch, I knew I would have to try making it! I plan to make this punch for a small Inauguration Day gathering this year.

    I plan to use the Fever-Tree brand of ginger ale (which is my favorite brand), the Dole brand pineapple juice, the Polar Blast flavored Hawaiian bunch, and vanilla ice cream.

    However, I was also considering adding a few drops of royal blue food coloring to the punch (since I love royal blue). I wanted to ask you: have you ever added food coloring to your punch recipe? And if so, did it alter the taste in any way?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can share…and I look forward to making this punch recipe!


    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    1. Hi, Chris. I have NOT tried adding food coloring but I don’t think it would change the flavor. You could always do a really small batch beforehand and see what happens! Good luck!

    1. You can certainly try to half the recipe but you might also just use two small pitchers or even milk jugs if that works for you! Hope this helps!

  3. I’ve made this punch many times ad it’s a great hit everytime!! I’m having a baby shower for a girl so I was wondering if I can use the red Hawaiian punch with the pineapple juice and 7up.. thanks for the great posts!!

  4. Hi! Looks delish! I’m having a sip and see and wanted a spiked punch. Any recommendations of what to add? Champagne? Thanks so much! 🙂

  5. Hi, Joyce. My best recommendation for you is to make this recipe and then estimate how many glasses you can get out of one recipe. Are you using punch glasses? What size cups? There are a lot of variables. I used this punch recipe for my daughter’s wedding: You can also google how to estimate how much punch needed for a wedding. Since you are serving several options you also can keep that in mind. Hope that gives you some things to think about!

  6. Hi, thank you for sharing, this is a great idea. I am having my daughter’s 4th b’day party and was wondering if i could skip the soda in this drink since it is going to be toddlers and i don’t want to serve them soda. Would that be okay?
    Her party is this Saturday, so I would appreciate a quick response.
    thank you

    1. Hi, there. You could skip the soda but it would definitely taste different. Since ginger ale is caffeine free that’s a consideration. You could always try some other sparkling drink as a substitute. Good luck!

  7. what recipe do you use.. im always looking for easy punch recipes.. Were making the blue punch for a baby shower for my grandson.. Thought it would be pretty

        1. Hi, Jennifer. I would say you can easily get 12-16 medium punch cups out of this recipe. If you’re using the recipe for children, just use small cups for it go farther. Hope this helps!

  8. Which Blue Hawaiian Punch did you use? The Hawaiian Punch Fruit Drink, Polar Blast or the Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon? They are both blue. The idea is great. I think we will use crushed ice to give it that slushy taste!!!

        1. We freeze the Hawaiian blue punch in quart ziplock bags overnight. Day of party we put the frozen punch In the punch bowl, add ginger ale and pineapple juice and by the time the party starts its thawing out and slushy..

          1. Hi, Cynthia. Love your idea! I’ve got a frozen punch I use for Christmas (and also my daughter’s wedding) and I do the same thing. Makes it so easy!

  9. How do you get the blue punch to be slushy. Instead of putting ice in it we want it to be slushy.

    1. Want a slushy blue punch that uses jello , sugar,pineapple juice and ginger ale. What color jello would i use since the pineapple juice turns it a gray/green color. HELP!

  10. I love this! I have 4 kids so I’m always looking for new punches or drinks that I can serve at their parties. I would love for you to come share this and any other post over at tonight’s Throwback Thursday link party!

      1. 5 stars
        I made this for my daughter’s baby shower. The punch was a huge hit! Perfect for the Cinderella themed shower.