What to Say to a Daughter on Her Wedding Day

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How do you know what to say to a daughter on her wedding day? This precious letter from a mom to daughter is filled with memories and photos plus gift ideas for the perfect wedding!

Mother and daughter outside on wedding day

(At the end of this post I’ve included some of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas for your daughter on her special day.) 

Every mom of a baby girl dreams of the big day their little girl gets married, hoping and praying for a perfect day and the man that will make their girl complete.

Today I’m sharing my heartfelt words from a mother to daughter on her wedding day and hoping these words will encourage you, the mother of the bride (MOB for short!) (You can read more about my daughter’s beautiful day (and how we pulled off a dream wedding for $5000!)

woman sitting on couch in flouncy strapless wedding gown

If writing to the bride or giving a toast feels like a lot of pressure there are available resources to help!

If words aren’t your thing google best wishes for daughter on wedding day or something like that. This site has lots of ideas on what to write. Or find good wedding quotes and start there!

Should stepmom, adoptive mom or other close female relationships be included?

This is the bride and groom’s day and should represent what THEY want. Planning a wedding is stressful enough so the adults in their lives should respect their decisions.

Weddings should be joyful occasions. Yes, something will go wrong. It always does! But find out what the couple wants as far as speeches, toasts, letters, etc. and honor their desires.

Is it a good idea to give your daughter a gift of congratulations as well?

Rachel had a couple of wedding showers so I gave her a gift at those events. However, if you’d like to do something more personal, check out the list of sweet gift suggestions for the bride at the end of this post.

Heartfelt Letter from Mother to Daughter on Your Wedding Day

October 8, 2011

Dear daughter,

Today is your wedding day, the most special day of your long lived life at twenty two. Today you will walk down the aisle, radiating beauty, leaning on your father’s strong arm, to meet your true love.

This is the day the man we have prayed for will take you as his wife, for better or worse. This specific God-ordained pairing of two young people claiming Jesus as their Savior, joining together in a beautiful ceremony and pledging to live for Christ the rest of their days. I don’t know about you, but it overwhelms me.

This life-altering special occasion has been prayed for and given to God by your father and me. We didn’t know who we prayed for all these many years but God did.

He knew the one who would love you with an everlasting love. The man who would take on the role of head of your family with certainty and a little fear. Someone who desires to uplift and encourage and love you as Christ loved the church.

Your daddy and I merely give warm wishes and our blessing for a wonderful life together. Soon you will be newlyweds and experience all the joys and sorrows that life will bring. We look forward to watching love bloom and sparkle in the two of you and are thankful to have a front row seat as your life together unfolds.

I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman we give away today. May God richly bless you with a happy and successful married life.

Head strong and confident.
Stubborn and feisty
Loving and giving
Sweet and sassy

You are my child.

My daughter.

The speck within me that has been loved and cherished since conception.

Pregnant woman in pink dress with curly hair

The one I fell in love with twenty two years ago.

Mom snuggling newborn baby at hospital

The little sweetheart I drove around the neighborhood, begging to go to sleep.

Baby standing in crib and laughing

The toddler who clung to my leg and pleaded with me not to leave her.

Toddler girl in sailor dress

The shy preschooler, afraid to talk in class but who turned into an amazing leader as your childhood presented challenges and opportunities for growth.

Young girl with pink shirt and curly hair

The big girl dressing as an angel at the Robinson’s Bible Study.

Young girl dressed up for Halloween in angel costume

The homeschool student who labored with me over phonics.

Elementary age girl in red shirt at table doing schoolwork

The piano student who didn’t always like to practice.

Young girl in floral dress playing the piano

The elementary school “mama” who loved all babies.

Young girl holding baby

The sister who willingly embraced three adopted siblings.

Sibling group on Easter with 4 children

The teenager with braces.

Teenage girl with long hair and braces

The young woman with the amazing long hair who chopped it off for Locks of Love.

Teenaged girl with long curly hair

The not so little princess going to prom.

High school girl in pink prom dress with pearls

The sassy, opinionated, confident woman.

Teenage girl with short hair and sun glasses on

The young lady with hopes and dreams.

Young woman with scarf around neck looking at camera

My sweet daughter with the”800-watt” whose smile and laughter lights up the room.

Young woman in blue shirt on beach looking at camera

Today you are the bride. The center of attention as your wedding processional begins. You are our beautiful joy and gift.

As mothers of the bride know, time flies when you’re raising your children. Part of this day will be letting go and watching you fly into this new season. This new chapter is filled with excitement and I hope this keepsake letter will always remind you of this moment in time.

You are never far from our thoughts and our hearts. As you begin your new life as newlyweds with your life partner we will be here to give our most heartfelt wishes and to celebrate and rejoice with you both.

Thank you for being my “practice” child. And for teaching me more than I could ever teach you. I love you, sweet girl.

Bride and mother in church on wedding day

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

With lots of love, joy and prayers,


FAQs for the Mother of the Bride

There is no set right or wrong idea for a letter to your daughter before the wedding ceremony. I chose to go sentimental with pictures from her life until that special day.

If you’re more of a funny writer, tell her a funny story she might not remember (fun not embarrassing in any way.) If your talent is photography share beautiful photos that are meaningful to the two of you.

This is totally up to the mom! If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of people then don’t stress out on the most important day of your daughter’s life.

I did not speak at Rachel’s reception although her dad spoke a few words. I gave her the letter the night before so she could have time to absorb and enjoy it.

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to this question. Relationships between mother and child can be delightful or fraught with stress. Remember the wedding is about the bride and groom so do what will maintain the excitement and joy of the day.

*** When Rachel got married I would have loved some helpful ideas for a thoughtful gift from me to her. We DIYed a bunch of the wedding (in those pre-Pinterest days, thank goodness!) that I was too tired to be creative by the time the wedding rolled around. I hope some of these links will help you cross one more item off your to do list! Happy Wedding Day and congrats to mama and baby girl!

Gift Ideas for the Bride (or Mother of the Bride or Groom’s Mother!)

(I’ve included some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.) 

I’ll Love You Forever(I read this book to all of my children and it still makes me cry!)
The Love Between a Mother and Daughter Will Last Forever(and inexpensive but very sweet necklace)
Gift book full of encouragement and wisdom(with drawings by Marci)
I Survived My Daughter’s Wedding! mug(yessss!)
Hand Crank Music Box (what a sweet, unusual gift!)
Mother of the Bride Embossed Handkerchief(sweet sentiment to carry on the special day)
Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet with Charm (perfect gift for mother of the bride OR groom)
The Love Between a Mother and Daughter is Forever (collection of poems and artwork)
The Life-giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson (beautiful book on the true meaning of home)

Read more about my daughter’s wonderful wedding (and how we pulled it off a dream wedding for $5000!)

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  3. What a beautiful bride, and blessed with a Momma that has the most gorgeous heart! Love you, Marty. Celebrating your sweet daughter’s journey with you, dear friend. (((hugs)))

  4. Happy her day has come! She is just absolutely gorgeous! She should model that gown! 🙂 Congratulations to her and your family welcoming a new “son”.

  5. Congratulations! Your daughter is truly a Work. “I’ll love you forever” is GB’s favorite book for me to read to her. Beautiful post.

  6. So beautiful Marty! What a lovely young lady. The wedding pictures are beautiful. I’m so thrilled the day was as lovely as possible, full of God’s blessings and grace.