Letter To My Son on Your Wedding Day

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A poignant, heartfelt and bittersweet “letter to my son on your wedding day.” Every mother will relate to these precious words of encouragement and wisdom.

 letter to my son on your wedding day

(At the end of this post I’ve included some of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas for your son or gifts for mamas on his/their special day.)

**You can also read my letter to my daughter on her wedding day here.

Letter to My Son on Your Wedding Day

My sweet Joshua,

I’m fairly certain every mother says at one time or another: “I can’t believe how fast the time has gone,” but it’s unbelievably, heartbreakingly true.

On the eve of your wedding day, the most life altering day in your young life, I want you to know how grateful I am for the privilege of being your mom.

We were so ready for a second child, but it took us a while to get pregnant with you. It wasn’t the easiest pregnancy as I coped with migraines and morning sickness.

At 18 weeks we found out you had a cyst on your brain. Even though the doctors assured us there was a great likelihood that it would go away on its own, we felt terrified and helpless.

This was my first experience with loving you passionately and not being able to fix the hurt.

Trusting God with your very life just as we do now.

Blessedly the doctors were right and you were perfect in every way – except for making your entrance into the world four weeks early. I developed toxemia and  was sent across to the hospital from the drs. office with blood samples in hand.

Your dad was working nights painting and those were the days before cell phones. Your Aunt Brenda had to go knock on the window to wake him up and send him to the hospital.

As he was walking into the room the ultrasound technician told us you were in the breach position. Surprise, world! You were blazing a trail all your own even then!

Four days later you were born all shriveled and splotchy from your rushed, premature entry into the world. But in a few days you were this perfect specimen of human life.

Mother to Son on Your Wedding Day - Marty's Musings

As a mother, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally, it’s as if a part of you is walking around on this earth outside your body. 

Four weeks later you had hernia surgery and I became closely acquainted with the milking machine (otherwise known as a heavy duty breast milk pump!)

Pacing the floors of the waiting room, once again helpless to fix your hurt. And yet God was faithful and the surgery was successful.

 A baby sitting on a blanket

Life through the years was busy with two kids and and a part time job as a choir director. Our church members loved you and Rachel and doted on you both. One particular choir lady gave you bubble gum every time she saw you, much to my chagrin!

A little boy sitting on a table

I remember those days when you moved from the crib to a big boy bed but were still lonely. You’d lie at the end of our bed on the hope chest just to be close to us. Many nights I woke up to find you curled up in my arms.

A little boy that is sitting in front of a window

When we finally laid down the law about not sleeping in our bed you just curled up outside our bedroom door, where I had to nudge you out of the way just to get out!

A man that is standing in the grass

Joshua, you were always our little knight. Your sense of honor and integrity were honed in the trenches of our family life. From the days of dress up to real life ministry, God has His hand firmly on your life.

Wedding and Son

 Yes, we got a lot of wear out of that plaid jacket for our yearly visit to the Walmart photo studio!

Wedding and Jacket

Next we moved on to the official presidential jacket. Have you ever seen a more perfect stature and regal demeanor? Your dad always said this would be your portrait in the White House!

A man wearing a suit and tie

The year 2000 held many changes and surprises for all of us. You went from being the baby to the middle child of five. Our adoption of a sibling group of three children radically changed our lives forever.

A young boy sitting on a bench

When we received the phone call from a friend telling us of three children that needed adopting, Rachel’s response was that it was an answer to prayer.

You went to your room and got a $20 dollar bill and said to give it to the children because they needed it more. This compassion would be desperately needed over the many challenging years to come.

Wedding and Son

You loved your new siblings with passion and relished torturing playing with your younger brother and sister, just like a big brother should.

A person posing for the camera

Here you graduated from mama’s bad haircuts with that stubborn cowlick to daddy’s buzz cuts.

A person posing for the camera

Even as you got to stay up later through the years, you didn’t want to be the last one awake at night. You were always comforted to know I was up late crafting or reading in case you needed me.

A person posing for the camera

At eleven years old God called you into ministry while at a summer camp for boys. You’ve never wavered nor run from that call on your life.

Even now as you make plans to finish your education and move to the mission field of France, I pray you will continue to be sensitive to God’s will for your life, walking each day in faith and obedience.

A person standing in front of a body of water posing for the camera

Your formative years have been ones of trusting God when we could not see the way, of clinging to each other through testing and trials that could have destroyed us without God’s provision and goodness.

A person wearing a green shirt

Such an inquisitive, perfect expression that I would see many times in your teen years.

A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

The pensive thinker made his appearance for a few years. Along with your charming adorable side came our wise academic ponderer who thought big thoughts and dreamed big dreams.

A close up of a person wearing glasses

The teen years officially arrived with braces and that lovely bowl cut. I apologize from the depths of my heart. At least it helped you realize that this was NOT the cut for you and your mama was not a barber!

A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Your teen years seemed to fly, with many new hair styles and colors as you tested the waters and spread your wings.

A person sitting posing for the camera

As you transitioned to college, your sister also got married six weeks later. It was difficult to send both of you on your way at the same time, but we’ve seen much fruit in your lives and are grateful for our years with each of you.

To My Son on Your Wedding Day - Marty's Musings

Once you met Emmaline you knew she was your one and only. You were each other’s first date and first love.

It has been heartwarming to see how your love for her has blossomed and you have become her knight and champion. Yet I have struggled with your independence and the priorities that have not always included your family.

I have clung to the truth that you are ours for only a moment.

As we watch you fly away we will always be here waiting for you. Our home will always be a place of acceptance and forgiveness.

 TobyMac "Speak Life" video and devotion 

My prayer for you on your special day tomorrow is simply that you keep your eyes on God and love Him first with all your heart, mind and soul.

I love you.

I’m proud of you.

I’m grateful that God walks beside you and carries you when you’re far away.

We welcome Emmaline into our crazy family and rejoice with you both today.

You will forever be my little boy.

TobyMac Speak Life video and devotion

I’ll love you forever

I’ll like you for always

As long as I’m living

my baby you’ll be.


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  1. This is outstanding! My daughter is getting married & I’d like to do a similar book to give her. Do you have a recommendation on how I could have this done in a book format?

  2. i hadhernia surgerys at 11 months old left side minor surgery infant and 17 months old child right side major surgery the docters told my 27 year old mother that they took out a wwedge from my right side on 11/5/1954 my 1 st surgery took place on 5/29/1954 my scars from back then are 7 inches long both sides regards always gary lee clayton

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  6. Loved, loved your letter to your son on his Wedding Day. What a beautiful gift you gave him. My youngest son has also found a wonderful girl that will be a part of our family one day very soon. The closing of your letter referred to the Love You Forever book which has always been one of my most favorite books to give as a gift to new parents. The last book was given to my oldest son when he and my daughter-in-law had my first grandson. Thank you for sharing your letter and it will be something I will continue sharing for you.

    1. That’s so sweet, Karen. I buy children’s books for my married kids and also save them for my younger kids. I want my grandchildren to love reading and snuggling up close to nana! Thanks so much for sharing my letter!

  7. Beautiful heart, beautiful family, and beautifully said. Yeah….I’m crying…sobbing. Thank you for sharing your
    intimate feelings and special love of your son.

  8. Well, I was right about waiting until I had a box of kleenex handy! What an amazingly sweet letter. I love that picture of y’all at the beach. What a special letter. What a special mom you are. And what a special man it sounds like he is.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Karen! These letters kind of have to percolate in me for a while. I worked a long time getting the words to express what I was feeling. So many sentiments and changes! Love ‘ya, girl!

  9. Tearing up reading this – so, so sweet! My only child is leaving for Europe next week to visit his girlfriend who lives in Germany (he met her at college and she was gone at graduation time before we met her). We can only pray for their welfare and safety as they do indeed ” spread their wings.” Congratulations to you and your family.

    1. Hi, Joni. How hard it is when our children leave home and spread those wings! The best thing we can do for them is cover them in prayer and be available. Thanks for sharing!

  10. So eloquent and touching. Heartfelt and loving. All of your children are blessed. Your words move me to tears as your love for not only Joshua, but also your family is shown so clearly. God bless Joshua and his new bride, and many prayers and hugs to you as you watch Joshua take a big step in his life. Much love to you!

  11. Here I am crying buckets… BUCKETS! I can see right into your heart!!! What a wonderful boy/man you
    have had the honor to mother and watch grow up! What precious memories and such sweet pictures!!!
    I will but Joshua and Emmiline on my “young married’s” list and pray for them daily! Have a wonderful day being the mother-of-the groom. I gave my only son away to the love of his life just last year! I have really gained and not lost a thing… I’m sure you will too!
    Marty, Thanks you so much for this beautiful, godly, letter to your son! He is blessed to have you for a Mom! Happy day tomorrow! xo

    1. Your words are so kind, Yvonne, and encouraged me so much! I know you’ve been in this position before and write so eloquently about your family and home. So many emotions for the mama, aren’t there?