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Painted Lamp Shade Makeover with Textured Surface FrogTape®

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Graphical user interface, website My DIY hubby is a painting contractor for his day job. He has shared many painting tips on the blog such as how to care for your brushes, avoiding a paint can mess and helpful tips on painting kitchen cabinets. For today’s project, though, I’m on my own!

I was challenged by FrogTape® to come up with a project using their Textured Surface tape for their new FrogTape how-to gallery. I decided to put this product to the test without any help from my husband!

FrogTape® is the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed.

What does all this technical information really mean? It simply means that FrogTape® is the perfect product for a non professional like me who wants to create beautiful home decor projects without making a mess! I do not have a perfect technique like my husband. I tend to just slap on the paint or product. FrogTape® forms a barrier that keeps my  paint from penetrating through to the exact point where I DON’T want paint!

Since I like to repurpose and reuse I had my hubby spray paint an old lamp base white for me. Paint and Makeover

Paint and Makeover

 Now on to the testing! For my project I used a newly purchased fabric lamp shade and Textured Surface FrogTape® with Liquid PaintBlock Edge Sealer. I wanted to see how stripes would look and if the FrogTape® would give me clean lines. A close up of a bottle  First apply FrogTape® Painters Tape in evenly spaced stripes across the lamp shade, pressing down into the texture to eliminate gaps.  Paint and Makeover  Firmly run a damp cloth along the tape’s edge to activate the PaintBlock® to ensure a good seal. Paint and Makeover  Shake bottle of sealer, remove the bottle cap and foil seal. Tightly attach the brush applicator to the bottle.Remove the clear, protective cap from the applicator. Paint and Makeover  Using the brush applicator, apply the edge sealer generously along the tape’s edge. Do not stray past the edge or sealer may show through in finished product. A cup, with Paint and Makeover  Apply in an overlapping, circular or back and forth motion to ensure sufficient coverage. You should visibly see the solution as it dispenses; it will have a milky appearance. A cup of coffee, with Paint and Makeover  Allow edge sealer to dry for 15 minutes before painting.  A book sitting on top of a wooden table  Layer your choice of paint evenly to textured surface. A glass of orange juice, with Paint  Let paint dry as specified in paint instructions. Apply a second coat if necessary. Remove tape when final coat of paint is dry to the touch and you’ll see a clean , crisp line! Paint and Text My one helpful tip is not to remove the tape before you’re completely finished painting in case you need an extra coat. Once you break that seal you risk paint sliding under the edge. Paint and Makeover   Here’s the finished project! Paint What do you think? Do you already have ideas swirling around in your head with projects that will be so much easier, especially if you’re an average painter like me? You can connect with FrogTape® on Twitter for tons of inspiration!

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