How to Decorate Your Deck for Summer (for under $50!)

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It IS possible to decorate your deck for summer for under $50! This refresh is filled with flowers, some paint and using what you already have.

Refresh your deck for under $50!

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year to decorate my front deck. Before I made a few changes, the deck was looking kinda pathetic.

welcome summer front door sign

Several years ago we took down a large tree that was right outside our front windows. This allowed us to build the deck of our dreams, a happy place for welcoming family and friends. (You can read all about it here.)

I firmly believe our homes don’t have to be perfect (or magazine worthy!) for us to love and enjoy what we have. I want to be content with whatever God has given me to enjoy.

How do you do that? How do you live with less than perfect? (Because let’s face it. Our homes are always in need of fixing!)

This year I made a few inexpensive changes that cost less than $50 and created a renewed happy space and great curb appeal!

Here are my top tips on how to decorate your deck for summer on a budget!

ranch home with large front deck with ferns and roses

How to Decorate Your Deck for Summer (for under $50!)

Notes about decorating your deck for summer on a budget:

  • Buy flowers to add color and “happy” to your outdoor space.
  • Rather than spending a lot of money, use what you have and get creative.
  • Choose your updates carefully, spending money where you’ll get the most benefit and investment.
ranch home with front deck decorated with ferns and roses

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Deck Decor Sources:

Patterned rug
Floral love seat cushion
Chair cushions (similar ones here)
Loveseat, chairs and table (this is a similar set)
Pillows (similar ones here and here)
Red paint for tables
Polycrylic protective finish
Chalky finish paint for planters
Monogram garden flag

Step 1. Buy flowers.

My favorite way to add color and “happy” to an outdoor space is to use flowers, mostly in containers.

geranium in planter on front steps

My husband does almost all of the outdoor upkeep of our home and yard, but the flowers are all me! He does help with the watering because that’s a daily chore in hot weather.

We have a built in flower bed attached to the house right by our front door and I usually use impatiens there. Unfortunately, the NC heat hasn’t been kind to these plants since they receive a great deal of afternoon sun.

concrete built in flower bed

Next year I’m going to try something different, like the flowers I have in the containers, probably marigolds and petunias.

I wait until Memorial Day weekend to make my purchases because they’re usually on sale somewhere!

front deck of ranch home decorated with planters full of flowers

The ferns came from Costco back in April. I was NOT pleased with them at first, although I’ve had great luck in the past. We’ve kept them watered and trimmed and now they look amazing!

large fern in front of front deck of home

**Let me make the caveat that this $50 refresh did NOT include the plants, unfortunately. But this is the only time of year I spend much money on flowers so I’m okay with that!

Step 2. Use what you have.

I got these metal chairs at a yard sale years ago for $6 each and they’ve more than earned their keep! They were just in need of a little sprucing up.

Tim and I added new fabric (which is not my favorite but it was the only thing I had on hand.) FREE!

metal chairs with orange fabric and red table with flowers

This is the same fabric I used for my bulletin board in my home office nook. I bought it off a Facebook group at a great price.

To be honest, I didn’t “stage” my changing table turned DIY garden cart. It’s a great place to store outdoor necessities, but here it’s just real life.

Garden cart on front deck with potting supplies

And lest you think I’m perfect (ha!) do you see these lovely muffins expertly arranged on this table? The mix was about 4 years old and smelled to high heavens! These hard as rock muffins are purely for your entertainment pleasure!

deck furniture with red table and blue flower planter

Also, that cute white tray the muffins are on? It’s there because the table is flaking and needs to be touched up. No perfection here ~grin

All the accessories on the deck are yard sale or thrift store goodies. (Read all my best tips here.)

Step 3. Update as needed.

Kirkland’s had a half price plus 20% off sale and since I have been wanting a new rug I went ahead and bought a rug and loveseat cushion while they were on sale.

A chair sitting in front of a pool table

I probably needed a larger rug but my budget was limited. The one I bought adds the punch of color I wanted in this outdoor space.

The deck love seat and chairs came from Big Lots several years ago and they have done great! Here’s a similar set if you need one.

I saved the pillows I bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago until I was ready to source up this area and photograph.

Only problem? The little mouse that I discovered when I opened the bag in our outside storage building. Yikes! Not sure who made more noise, me or the mouse!

Luckily nothing was damaged. (Although I was totally freaked out my daughter wanted to make sure the mouse was fine. ~eyeroll)

painted red table planter of flowers

Paint is one of my favorite ways to update my home. Both of the wooden deck tables are yard sale or side of the road finds. I originally painted them with chalk paint but didn’t use polyurethane on top.

This time around I used front door paint with a seal coat and they turned out much better!

red porch table with planters of flowers

I also spray painted some of my pots to bring an extra dash of color. Money saving tip: always save the hanging pots you buy and use them for the next season with fresh dirt and flowers.

Can you add any more tips for saving money when you decorate outside in the summer? I’d love to know your ideas!

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  1. The bright colors and textures are Summer all the way! I hope you get to enjoy it many times over. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much, Meegan! It just makes me happy when I come in the house (we don’t have a garage.) It’s amazing how flowers are so welcoming!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful decking, it looks so bright and inviting. I would be awesome to sit outside at night with a glass of winewatching the sun go down.

  3. I love how colourful your outdoor decor is! Flowers are a big expense but add such a big impact; I’d rather save money for our summer garden than have Hubs bring me flowers for our anniversary – lol!